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November 19, 2006

Tribe of Icicles

As promised, here is an article. An article is all it is, no stats, but I should have some stats by Tuesday.

The Tribe of Icicles is a tribe of many force sensitives on the planet of Kashelaari. They are generaly outcast by both the Imperial and Non-Imperial Groups on the planet, and live in exile in ice caves. Although they usually keep their distance from society, when they meet, it turns nasty. They frequently use Dark Side Alchemy to modify themselves, captives, and native creatures, most notably the Hotim. Those captured by the Icicles never come out the same again. They are almost always used as test subjects for new modifications they are testing out. The Hotims are fierce enough creatures to begin with, but after the Tribe of Icicles changes them, they are way beyond fierce, some would even say sentient.

November 09, 2006

Happy Birthday!

On this November 9th, 2006, I am pleased to say "Happy Birthday," to Star Wars Roleplaying Resources! After 365 days and over 100 articles, the average isn't to bad. I began with an idea to put the Star Wars stats I had created on the internet, and the dream endured. Of course there were lulls, for part of the spring, part of the summer, and the last month, this site has been less active than usual. However, this interest in Star Wars previals. For someone to have the still find enjoyment in this game, when their real life group has died long ago, for this long really is a testement to the Star Wars Roleplaying Community. Without the Holonet, I probably would have slipped out long ago.
Now today, is the beginning of a new chapter in the life of this site, and I have no escuse for not finding time to post at least once a week. About a month ago, we recieved 20+ starship submissions, and I have even been neglecting putting those up. I have renewed my commitment to this site and will continue posting again!
However, before I close today, a call for help. If you enjoy the Star Wars Roleplaying Game as much as us here, then why don't you join the team. We are looking for an enthusastic group of people to assist in the maintainance of this site. There are articles waiting to be written. If interested, please contact me.