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October 13, 2006

Planetary Postcard: Kashelaari

Visit far away planets in the Star Wars Roleplaying Resources exclusive feature, Planetary Postcard! As you explore the galaxy in this feature, remember, wish you were here!

Planet Type: Terrestrial
Climate: Cold, Subartic
Terrain: Tundra, Snow fields, Cold Plains
Atmosphere: Breathable
Gravity: 1.04 (Standard)
Diameter: 3500km
Length of Day: 21 standard hours
Length of Year: 483 local days
Sentient Species: Human
Languages: Basic
Population: 328,227,243
Species Mix: Human 99.9%
Government: Galactic Empire / Prime Minister
Major Exports: Services
Major Imports: Manufactured Goods
System/Star Name: Kashin

Kashelaari is a small planet covered primarily with snow fields and snow covered mountains. It is known for its extremely charismatic Prime Minister and its predatorial indigenous species.
The Imperial Presence is small on world. They have all sorts of building in the official capital city, Emporia. Stormtroopers may roam some streets in other local cities but it is unlikely. The planet is used as a minor Snow trooper training location. Most times the Imperial-Kashel relationships are friendly. The Imperial government doesn't enforce useless laws to enrage the people. Instead they worry about taxes, etc. They truthfully want the Prime Minister dead for thier purposes, but the Prime Minister has sway over most of the inhabitants, including some of the Imperials.

There is more coming on this planet. In the upcoming articles, you will meet the prime minister as well as indepth looks at both capital cities, the Imperial Capital of Emporia, and the Kashel capital of Viciton


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