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October 02, 2006

From the Pantry: Dorian Passion Fruit Pie

From the Pantry, an exclusive Star Wars Roleplaying Resources feature is here! Let the food and drink expert show you how to spice up parties or cantinas with exotic, interesting, and different food and drinks from around the galaxy.

Dorian Passion Fruit Pie
Dorian Passion Fruit Pie (Food)
Cost: 3 credits
Profession (Cook) DC: 12
Game Rules: Beginning one hour after consumption and lasting for two hours, the consumer gains a +2 bonus to all dexterity based skills. Also, anyone using charisma based skills on the consumer during this time gains a +4 bonus.
Time: 45 minutes

Dorian Passion Fruit has a strange ability to making people feel more open, and others can often get people to open up, divulge secrets, or even trick them. It also makes the consumers more steady in their work.

I generally don't like posting From the Pantry Articles too often, especially twice in a row, but I am currently working on a new planet, and I don't have enough done for this week. As my fantasy football quote says, "There's always next week..."


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