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September 26, 2006

Casualties of Peace (Part 2)

Here's the history of the ship I posted two weeks ago.

I can't say this is my best work. But I'm not totally disgusted by it. I hope you enjoy.

Day One: The Start.

"Okay, gentlemen, we've just received an order from the Republic for a new VIP shuttle," started the manager of the Corellian Engineering Corporation's Starship Design, Xavier Sleynic, "it's job will be to carry diplomats and other heads of state in these times of war, with little or no escort. Now, I know what you're all thinking, why are we getting a project from the Republic during a war. Well, they want this ship to look like every other light freighter out there, so who else is better at making a ship of that class then us?"

A muffled laugh fills the room.

Sleynic continued, "This ship needs to be faster than a normal freighter, and pack a little more fire power for those extra sticky situations, but it can't look like it has either. Any questions?"

"Why did they choose us for this project?" asked Zak Laryn, a specialist with Nav Computers and Astromech droid ports.

"Well, it is unusual for the Republic to come to us in a time of war, since our ships can't compete with the other big names in the business in terms of fire-power. But they want a ship that can travel incognito and rely on stealth more than brute force, for diplomatic missions throughout the Galaxy. Along with these ships for the Republic they also request we build a lesser model that looks just like it for public use. I know it's a tough order, but I think we're up for it. Now, if there aren't any more questions, I suggest you all get started. Any information you may need you'll find in your Inbox. I want all preliminary designs on my desk in 30 days. So that we can put all our efforts behind one design after that. All right guys, begin."

The room empties out rather quickly, everyone seems excited about working on this project. It's been a while since they'd recieved a request for a ship. Corellians are known for loving a challenge, especially when it has to do with space.

Day Twelve: An Idea is Formed.

"So what design are you working on Druye?" Zak asked.

"I'm working on the maneuvering systems for Gyun's design, the one with the wing on the front. This ship is going to be a monster. The front wing adds a dimension of manueverability we've never seen before. The wing is going to have maneuvering jets for while in space, but the wing will do the work while in the atomsphere," replied Druye.

"Could a pilot really handle all that maneuverability on their own?" Zak queried.

"It's likely most pilots wouldn't be able to use it's full potential," Druye said bragging about his masterpiece, "it's that good."

"What about a computer? Would a computer be able to bring out the ships full potential?"

Zak said pressing the matter further.

"It's possible if the computer was fast enough, and well versed in the systems of the ship. But even then, there's no gurantees." Druye continued.


"Ok? What do you mean, Ok?" Druye said, actually sounding worried now.

"Well, I've been looking for something to do, and now it seems I have something that I can throw pass Xavier and get to work on."

"Wait, wait, wait. You're going to build a computer to fly this ship?"

"It won't fly it all the time, it'll be there for assistance and emergencies. Is there anything wrong with that?"


Day Thirteen: The Pitch.

"But, sir, I'm not proposing that S.O.N.Y.A. fly the ship all the time. Her piloting algorythm's would be an option that could be turned on when needed." Zak argued. "The guys working on the manuevering capabilities told me that most pilots wouldn't be able to use this craft to it's full potential. Wouldn't it be convenient to always have a pilot on board that could? I'm sure the Republic would be ethusiastic about such a proposition. She would also reduce the number of people needed to run the ship too, since she would be able to control most ship functions."

"Alright, Mr. Laryn, I'll run your idea past the Customer, and get back to you by the end of the day."

An hour later.

"Zak Laryn, report to Mr. Sleynic's office at once."

knock knock

"Come in."

"You wanted to see me, sir."

"Sonya, had better be able to do what you promise, Laryn," Xavier said has he lobbed a datapad at Zak, "now get to work!"

Zak didn't need to be told a second time, he was quickly out the door and back on his way to his station. Integrating Sonya into the systems of the ship would take a good deal of time, and Zak wasn't about to let anyone down.

Day Thirty: Plans take shape.

"All right, so 30 days is up, and it appears everyone has come to endorse Gyun's design. There is a small catch though. As I'm sure most of you know, Zak Lyran came to me with an idea, which I passed on to the customer. They approved it with great enthusiasm and would like to see it operational in the prototype. It'll be an On-Board Navigation and Piloting Computer. It'll be linked into all of the ships systems and controls for use as an emergency pilot. I know this is going to put a little extra burden on each of you, but I have to agree with Zak, it'll make this project all the better. So, we need to work out any kinks this ship will have while it's still on paper and then get a working prototype built. I'd like to see that done in the next 70 days. Does anyone think that won't be possible?" Xavier asked the room. He was answered by silence. "Good, let's get to work then. The ship will be in constructed in Docking Bay 144. Let's make this right, guys." With that, Xavier left the room, for he knew what was about to happen.

After Xavier left the room, everyone in it looked at Zak distainfully.

Zak stood up. "What? I saw an oppurtunity to make a difference and went for it." Zak said in an attempt to defend himself. "Droids are just as capable at flying as anybody, and are better in many ways because they don't get tired or fatigued. The Separatists are using droids to pilot, so why not us?"

Day Sixty: Lessons Begin

Still drowsy from last night, Zak entered his work room holding a datapad in one hand and a cup of steaming water in the other.

The night before Zak had finished construction of Sonya's core. He had used two Memory units from R2 units, as well as the most advanced processor he could find. He was making diagrams of how she was constructed so it could be put together in mass quantities if needed. Now came the task of teaching her everything she would need to know to be able to fly and control the ships systems.

"Good Morning, Sonya, can you hear me?"

"Yes, Zak Laryn, I can hear you."

"Just call my 'Laryn,' Sonya. I'm going to hook this datapad up to you, so you can start running simulations on the ship you will be installed in. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Laryn."

"Good, very good."

After Zak hooks his datapad up to her, he reaches for his cup to take a drink.

"Ahh, oh, I forgot to put the tea bag in." Zak then reaches into his shirt pocket and takes out his tea bag for his water.

Day One Hundred: A Simple Twist of Fate.

The prototype of the AT-6 was completed six days before the seventy day deadline set out by the project manager. Everyone except for Zak Laryn was given the remaining days off while he installed Sonya into the ship and began diagnostics and simple testing.

Zak enters the bay where the ship is being held and walks up the ramp into the ship. Again, he's carrying a datapad and a cup of steaming water.

"Good morning, Sonya." says Zak while looking around the ship.

"Good morning, Laryn." Replys the ship's intercomm.

"Are you ready to begin diagnostics, Sonya?"

"Yes, Laryn, I'm ready," says Sonya. Zak goes to take a drink from his cup. "You've forgotten to add the tea bag again, Laryn."

Zak looks down into his cup. "Ahh, thank you, Sonya." He reaches into his breast pocket, but there's no tea bag in it. "I must have left it at my work station. I'll go get it. While I'm gone, I want you to defrag your memory core and check for viruses and out-dated programs. We'll begin the tests when I get back."

Heading back to his work station, Zak runs into Xavier heading for the Docking Bay.

"Ahh good, Zak, I need you to stop working now," starts Xavier.

"Why, what's wrong?"

"Since I know you don't pay attention to the news, I'll fill you in. The war is over, and to insure that the peace stays, the Emperor has reformed the Republic into the First Galatic Empire. Part of the reformation was the cancellation of all of the Republic's contracts. In short, this project has lost it's funding. The people up top, have determined that without the Republic's funding, this project won't turn a profit, so they've decided to scrap it before we get the ship into the production stage." Xavier explains.

"And what's going to happen to the prototype?" Asks Zak, although he already knows the answer.

"It's to be scheduled to be dismantled, immediately, I just called in the rest of the team to begin."

"And Sonya, what about her?"

"Wiped and dismantled," Xavier says coldly. "They want no record of this project to be left."

Zak begins to react before his mind tells him he's making a big mistake. He throws his cup of water into Xavier's face. As Xavier screams and doubles over in pain. Zak then drops his cup and runs for the Docking Bay. Upon arrival, he activates the controls for the doors and runs up the ramp of the ship.

"Laryn, you forgot your cup." Sonya says.

"Raise the ramp, Sonya, we're taking off." Zak commands.

"What is our destination, Laryn?"

"Anywhere but here, now raise the ramp and take off."

The ship flys quickly through the doors and into the dead of space.

"Laryn, the shipyard is hailing us. On speakers now."

"Laryn, damnit, get back here now with that ship!" demands Xavier. "That is CEC property you're stealing."

"I'm not coming back, to watch Sonya be dismantled, she was my creation, and I won't let all that work go to waste." Zak shouts back.

"Then I'm afraid you leave me no choice." Xavier says, with a melancholy sound to his voice.

"Laryn, there are two ships approaching us from the rear. They appear to be two partol ships from the shipyards. They're arming weapons, Laryn."

"Do what you can, Sonya."

Sonya sends the ship down towards Corellia. As the ship descends, the fighters following score a number of hits knocking out the shield generator. They hit the freighter a few more times on the rear quarter.

The chase leads into the mountain regions. Sonya sends the craft weaving in and out of canyons, avoiding the fire from the fighters pursuing them. A stray shot hits the canyon wall near the AT-6 and starts a rock slide down the side of the canyon. Sonya turns the ship laterally to avoid the falling rocks, but a large one strikes the maneuvering fin on the port side, causing the ship to do cart wheels. The pursuing fighters don't pull up in time, and are consumed by the falling rocks.

Sonya compensates for the damaged wing, but not till after the insides of the ship have seen some massive G-forces. Zak was badly injured during the hit from the rocks.

"Laryn, what should I do now?" Sonya asks.

"Yo...u.. You need to," Zak coughs, "hide. There's a big... scrraaap yarrr...d nnnearr wwwhere I g..grew up..." Zak coughs up blood into his hand. He brings up a map of Corellia and marks the location on his datapad. " I..I'm sure ssome one will fffind you and fffixxx, just I would have." Zak's body falls limp.

"Good bye, Zak." Sonya says.

Sonya goes to the location Zak marked and lands as far from the entrance as she can.

"Powering down all systems...." Sonya says as her voice trails off.


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