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September 30, 2006

Blue Lightning

This is my fanfic, also featured on SWRPG network. Hope you enjoy.

Blue Lightning

The Cruiser Crushing Grip sat in the center of the isolated system. Thousands upon thousands of light years from Coruscant, and the emperor's throne, the system was lucky to even have a Carrack class light cruiser. But soon they would have a star destroyer, a small fleet even, but that comes later.
The long range sensor gave a sudden blip and the ensign at the post paled. ”What is it?” demanded the aging captain. The captain was human as imperial protocol required of many of that rank. He was just past sixty and gray was beginning to creep into his temples. He had a proud regal chin and sharp features, but his most prominent feature was his eyes, so pale green they were almost white. They had a piercing gaze and it was with this he held the ensign.
“Report !” said the captain.
“Sir” said the ensign “I had a new sensor contact at the fringe of the system, it just disappeared but it was larger than a star destroyer. It was roughly circular. Computers have a ninety percent chance of an old droid control ship.”
“Where did it go?” asked the captain.
“Eighty-five percent possibility of it coming out of hyperspace within three thousand klicks from here.”
“Sith..., emperor's bla..., darn it” said the captain he tried to swear things that would get him demoted. He stopped right in time. The droid control ship had come out of hyperspace right on top of his ship. Immediately the bridge became chaotic, with dozens of voice competing with each other and wailing klaxons for prominence.
“SILENCE!” roared the captain's amplified voice. Silence was immediate.
“Sir?” said a questioning voice “Com message, in full holo too”
“Put it on” said the captain. A five eyed alien with a long face and a human body came into view right in front of the captain.
“Surrender your ship now” said the alien “and I will not have to take it by force.”
“An Imperial commander never surrenders” said the captain. Then to his gunnery officer he said “blast this.... thing out of space. “And Launch all TIE’s.” Before the officers could relay the order. What looked like waves of blue slammed into the shield.
Before even half had hit the shield, it imploded. waves of blue energy slammed into the Carrack. Every console on the bridge explode enveloping it in a lethal storm of shrapnel that instantly killed half the bridge crew. Other secondary explosions rocked the ship. Through the viewport the captain saw a huge barge. It fired several times and the captains ears popped. He heard the sounds of metal feet on metal deck and then fainted from loss of air pressure.
- - -

He awakened in a cold cell he felt the vibrations of a ships engines. He smelt something sweet and fainted again.
- - -

He awoke tied to high backed chair. Across from him was the alien he’d seen on the Holo transmission. He was flanked by two droids, with red markings, and 4 droids with yellow markings guarded the door. he looked down at his arm and saw a needle sticking in, connected to an IV. The alien spoke “Yes, you will tell us what we want no matter what”
“I’ll... Never .... Betray... The... Empire” the captain moaned.
“I’m afraid that that choice has already been made for you” countered the alien.

- - -

The sessions of interrogation blurred together until they became a black hole, which sucked the captains mind into it. By that time he’d told the Ion league all they needed to know.

- - -

They were called the Ion League. An organized Pirate Organization/Government they planned to rule the galaxy. Their rule would only be slightly better than the empires, but they were a long way from that goal. At this time their fleet consisted of

One droid control ship and associated craft

4 Carrack

3 Core systems dreadnoughts

6 Quaser Fire bulk carrier (Hanger version)

2 Republic assault ships and associated craft

2 Victory Star destroyers and associated craft

6 Marauder corvettes

2 Dreadnoughts

6 Corellian corvettes

4 Nebulan-B’s

The majority were modified to include many Ion cannons. These 35 capital ships carry 8 wings of 72 manned fighters, and 1500 droid fighters.

It was from the droid control ship, the flagship of the Ion league that Drakeil, the leader of the ion league sat. They were approaching the world the carrack was guarding, still undetected. They had been lucky really, catching the Carrack at the star of an extended patrol, so its absence wouldn’t be noticed. Suddenly the comm came to life.
“Unidentified fleet please state your purpose”
To his comm officer Drakeil said “Triangulate that signal”
To the government official he said “We have come to... Liberate the planet”
The official paled.
“Signal triangulated” Said the comm officer
“Signal the core system dreadnoughts to fire” Drakeil said. The CSD’s were over a thousand years old, but were still powerful in their retrofitted form, these weren’t to be mistaken for the more recent type of dreadnought, such as that, that made up the Katana fleet. These were blocky and among other things had been retrofitted with planetary ion cannons.
The transmission ended abruptly in static.
“Commence bombardment on spaceports and major population centers, Ion only” waves of blue began hammering the planet below
- - -

Bodies. Odor. Death. Shattered skeletons of once proud buildings. Piles of fused metal. Planetary scale ion cannons could kill, could destroy. Most buildings were however intact, though less that 1% of the planet had power. Rescue crews were nonexistent, Militia members and partisans rarer. Death and enemy soldiers ruled.

- - -

In the months that followed, the survivors wished they’d perished. Forced labour camps were everywhere, resistance was futile. The majority of the work was at the shipyards, expanding them, and using them to build. In the following six months, the ion league extended it influence to a dozen worlds. Ships were being made, at a fevered pace. The Ion League’s first original design had been produced seven times, a ship a hundred meters in length, sporting a single planetary ion cannon, and four laser cannon turrets.
- - -

It was 1600m long. It carried 60 turbolasers, 60 ion cannons, and 10 tractor beam projectors. Soon it would carry 140 Ion cannons and 10 tractor beams. In its massive hold five squadrons of Twin Ion Engine starfighters, and a single squad of TIE/GT fighters rested. It was flanked by two other ships, with the same wedge design though considerably smaller. All three bridge’s were a riot of noise. Captain Fre Horat stared at the data projected on the bridge of his flagships, [I]The Eviscerater[/I] It showed his escort's, the victory star destroyers [I]Disembolwer[/I] and [I]Iron Fist[/I]. He was talking with the captains. “Zsinj cover my starboard, Har my port.”
“Multiple enemy contacts jumping into system.” Said the gravely voiced and warty faced sensor operator. “I count two victory star destroyers, two republic assault ships, two dreadnoughts, three CS dreadnoughts, three Quasar Fire starfighter haulers, and on droid control ship. Also four contacts of unknown type.” The sensor officer stayed calm, despite the fact that the enemy had around three times the strength of the task force. An alien’s face appeared on the screen. He was the same alien that had captured a carrack cruiser four months ago. He was Drakeil, Leader of the Ion League. “Admiral this area of space is now mine. stand down, and prepare to be boarded.”
Fre laughed “Alien scum! The Emperor will have you killed. Your partly fleet will never prevail!” to his comm expert he said “Send the report to Imperial Center. I want the Emperor advised on the situation!”
The alien smiled. The Admiral grimaced at the display of teeth. “Oh, can it smash our partly fleet?”
A blue wave slammed into the bridge of the ship with no warning. Everyone's hairs stood up on end, and multiple consoles exploded. The ship shook as a wave of blue hit the auxiliary bridge. The lights dimmed as one hit the main reactor, then promptly failed as one hit the auxiliary. The artificial gravity wavered, then became barely noticeable. The hiss of the life support stopped. Fer saw his escorts in similar circumstances. “Get a team set up to repel boarding. NOW!!!” He shouted at his crew. “Use personal comlinks if you have to.”
“Yes, sir!” came a voice.
Fer smiled. they would have trouble boarding now.
“And tell engineering that I want power restored NOW!!!”
He was suprised at lack of response, but he saw that all the bridge crew were openmouthed, looking out the window. He turned and saw a single assault transport. It fired. The shards of class from the viewpoint exploded inwards, then outwards. The transport drew up to the broken view port, and extended a its docking arms. Before all the air had left their was a tight seal. Nothing happened. He waited for a few minutes before he had trouble thinking. his vision began to gray, before he understood. There wasn’t enough air!!! He tried to hold on but couldn’t. he spiraled into unconsciousness.
- - -

When he awoke, he saw his sensor officer, and the alien from the transmission. Both were smiling.

September 27, 2006

From the Pantry: Honeycrust

From the Pantry, an exclusive Star Wars Roleplaying Resources feature is here! Let the food and drink expert show you how to spice up parties or cantinas with exotic, interesting, and different food and drinks from around the galaxy.

Honeycrust (Food)
Cost: 2 credits
Profession (Cook) DC: 10
Game Rules: One hour after consumption, +2 vitality points are restored. Sugar effects: for one hour times the number of sugar effect drinks or foods consumed add +1 to all STR based skills and -1 to all DEX based skills.
Time: 45 minutes

A form of sweetbread popular in the mid and outer rim worlds.

September 26, 2006

Casualties of Peace (Part 2)

Here's the history of the ship I posted two weeks ago.

I can't say this is my best work. But I'm not totally disgusted by it. I hope you enjoy.

Day One: The Start.

"Okay, gentlemen, we've just received an order from the Republic for a new VIP shuttle," started the manager of the Corellian Engineering Corporation's Starship Design, Xavier Sleynic, "it's job will be to carry diplomats and other heads of state in these times of war, with little or no escort. Now, I know what you're all thinking, why are we getting a project from the Republic during a war. Well, they want this ship to look like every other light freighter out there, so who else is better at making a ship of that class then us?"

A muffled laugh fills the room.

Sleynic continued, "This ship needs to be faster than a normal freighter, and pack a little more fire power for those extra sticky situations, but it can't look like it has either. Any questions?"

"Why did they choose us for this project?" asked Zak Laryn, a specialist with Nav Computers and Astromech droid ports.

"Well, it is unusual for the Republic to come to us in a time of war, since our ships can't compete with the other big names in the business in terms of fire-power. But they want a ship that can travel incognito and rely on stealth more than brute force, for diplomatic missions throughout the Galaxy. Along with these ships for the Republic they also request we build a lesser model that looks just like it for public use. I know it's a tough order, but I think we're up for it. Now, if there aren't any more questions, I suggest you all get started. Any information you may need you'll find in your Inbox. I want all preliminary designs on my desk in 30 days. So that we can put all our efforts behind one design after that. All right guys, begin."

The room empties out rather quickly, everyone seems excited about working on this project. It's been a while since they'd recieved a request for a ship. Corellians are known for loving a challenge, especially when it has to do with space.

Day Twelve: An Idea is Formed.

"So what design are you working on Druye?" Zak asked.

"I'm working on the maneuvering systems for Gyun's design, the one with the wing on the front. This ship is going to be a monster. The front wing adds a dimension of manueverability we've never seen before. The wing is going to have maneuvering jets for while in space, but the wing will do the work while in the atomsphere," replied Druye.

"Could a pilot really handle all that maneuverability on their own?" Zak queried.

"It's likely most pilots wouldn't be able to use it's full potential," Druye said bragging about his masterpiece, "it's that good."

"What about a computer? Would a computer be able to bring out the ships full potential?"

Zak said pressing the matter further.

"It's possible if the computer was fast enough, and well versed in the systems of the ship. But even then, there's no gurantees." Druye continued.


"Ok? What do you mean, Ok?" Druye said, actually sounding worried now.

"Well, I've been looking for something to do, and now it seems I have something that I can throw pass Xavier and get to work on."

"Wait, wait, wait. You're going to build a computer to fly this ship?"

"It won't fly it all the time, it'll be there for assistance and emergencies. Is there anything wrong with that?"


Day Thirteen: The Pitch.

"But, sir, I'm not proposing that S.O.N.Y.A. fly the ship all the time. Her piloting algorythm's would be an option that could be turned on when needed." Zak argued. "The guys working on the manuevering capabilities told me that most pilots wouldn't be able to use this craft to it's full potential. Wouldn't it be convenient to always have a pilot on board that could? I'm sure the Republic would be ethusiastic about such a proposition. She would also reduce the number of people needed to run the ship too, since she would be able to control most ship functions."

"Alright, Mr. Laryn, I'll run your idea past the Customer, and get back to you by the end of the day."

An hour later.

"Zak Laryn, report to Mr. Sleynic's office at once."

knock knock

"Come in."

"You wanted to see me, sir."

"Sonya, had better be able to do what you promise, Laryn," Xavier said has he lobbed a datapad at Zak, "now get to work!"

Zak didn't need to be told a second time, he was quickly out the door and back on his way to his station. Integrating Sonya into the systems of the ship would take a good deal of time, and Zak wasn't about to let anyone down.

Day Thirty: Plans take shape.

"All right, so 30 days is up, and it appears everyone has come to endorse Gyun's design. There is a small catch though. As I'm sure most of you know, Zak Lyran came to me with an idea, which I passed on to the customer. They approved it with great enthusiasm and would like to see it operational in the prototype. It'll be an On-Board Navigation and Piloting Computer. It'll be linked into all of the ships systems and controls for use as an emergency pilot. I know this is going to put a little extra burden on each of you, but I have to agree with Zak, it'll make this project all the better. So, we need to work out any kinks this ship will have while it's still on paper and then get a working prototype built. I'd like to see that done in the next 70 days. Does anyone think that won't be possible?" Xavier asked the room. He was answered by silence. "Good, let's get to work then. The ship will be in constructed in Docking Bay 144. Let's make this right, guys." With that, Xavier left the room, for he knew what was about to happen.

After Xavier left the room, everyone in it looked at Zak distainfully.

Zak stood up. "What? I saw an oppurtunity to make a difference and went for it." Zak said in an attempt to defend himself. "Droids are just as capable at flying as anybody, and are better in many ways because they don't get tired or fatigued. The Separatists are using droids to pilot, so why not us?"

Day Sixty: Lessons Begin

Still drowsy from last night, Zak entered his work room holding a datapad in one hand and a cup of steaming water in the other.

The night before Zak had finished construction of Sonya's core. He had used two Memory units from R2 units, as well as the most advanced processor he could find. He was making diagrams of how she was constructed so it could be put together in mass quantities if needed. Now came the task of teaching her everything she would need to know to be able to fly and control the ships systems.

"Good Morning, Sonya, can you hear me?"

"Yes, Zak Laryn, I can hear you."

"Just call my 'Laryn,' Sonya. I'm going to hook this datapad up to you, so you can start running simulations on the ship you will be installed in. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Laryn."

"Good, very good."

After Zak hooks his datapad up to her, he reaches for his cup to take a drink.

"Ahh, oh, I forgot to put the tea bag in." Zak then reaches into his shirt pocket and takes out his tea bag for his water.

Day One Hundred: A Simple Twist of Fate.

The prototype of the AT-6 was completed six days before the seventy day deadline set out by the project manager. Everyone except for Zak Laryn was given the remaining days off while he installed Sonya into the ship and began diagnostics and simple testing.

Zak enters the bay where the ship is being held and walks up the ramp into the ship. Again, he's carrying a datapad and a cup of steaming water.

"Good morning, Sonya." says Zak while looking around the ship.

"Good morning, Laryn." Replys the ship's intercomm.

"Are you ready to begin diagnostics, Sonya?"

"Yes, Laryn, I'm ready," says Sonya. Zak goes to take a drink from his cup. "You've forgotten to add the tea bag again, Laryn."

Zak looks down into his cup. "Ahh, thank you, Sonya." He reaches into his breast pocket, but there's no tea bag in it. "I must have left it at my work station. I'll go get it. While I'm gone, I want you to defrag your memory core and check for viruses and out-dated programs. We'll begin the tests when I get back."

Heading back to his work station, Zak runs into Xavier heading for the Docking Bay.

"Ahh good, Zak, I need you to stop working now," starts Xavier.

"Why, what's wrong?"

"Since I know you don't pay attention to the news, I'll fill you in. The war is over, and to insure that the peace stays, the Emperor has reformed the Republic into the First Galatic Empire. Part of the reformation was the cancellation of all of the Republic's contracts. In short, this project has lost it's funding. The people up top, have determined that without the Republic's funding, this project won't turn a profit, so they've decided to scrap it before we get the ship into the production stage." Xavier explains.

"And what's going to happen to the prototype?" Asks Zak, although he already knows the answer.

"It's to be scheduled to be dismantled, immediately, I just called in the rest of the team to begin."

"And Sonya, what about her?"

"Wiped and dismantled," Xavier says coldly. "They want no record of this project to be left."

Zak begins to react before his mind tells him he's making a big mistake. He throws his cup of water into Xavier's face. As Xavier screams and doubles over in pain. Zak then drops his cup and runs for the Docking Bay. Upon arrival, he activates the controls for the doors and runs up the ramp of the ship.

"Laryn, you forgot your cup." Sonya says.

"Raise the ramp, Sonya, we're taking off." Zak commands.

"What is our destination, Laryn?"

"Anywhere but here, now raise the ramp and take off."

The ship flys quickly through the doors and into the dead of space.

"Laryn, the shipyard is hailing us. On speakers now."

"Laryn, damnit, get back here now with that ship!" demands Xavier. "That is CEC property you're stealing."

"I'm not coming back, to watch Sonya be dismantled, she was my creation, and I won't let all that work go to waste." Zak shouts back.

"Then I'm afraid you leave me no choice." Xavier says, with a melancholy sound to his voice.

"Laryn, there are two ships approaching us from the rear. They appear to be two partol ships from the shipyards. They're arming weapons, Laryn."

"Do what you can, Sonya."

Sonya sends the ship down towards Corellia. As the ship descends, the fighters following score a number of hits knocking out the shield generator. They hit the freighter a few more times on the rear quarter.

The chase leads into the mountain regions. Sonya sends the craft weaving in and out of canyons, avoiding the fire from the fighters pursuing them. A stray shot hits the canyon wall near the AT-6 and starts a rock slide down the side of the canyon. Sonya turns the ship laterally to avoid the falling rocks, but a large one strikes the maneuvering fin on the port side, causing the ship to do cart wheels. The pursuing fighters don't pull up in time, and are consumed by the falling rocks.

Sonya compensates for the damaged wing, but not till after the insides of the ship have seen some massive G-forces. Zak was badly injured during the hit from the rocks.

"Laryn, what should I do now?" Sonya asks.

"Yo...u.. You need to," Zak coughs, "hide. There's a big... scrraaap yarrr...d nnnearr wwwhere I g..grew up..." Zak coughs up blood into his hand. He brings up a map of Corellia and marks the location on his datapad. " I..I'm sure ssome one will fffind you and fffixxx, just I would have." Zak's body falls limp.

"Good bye, Zak." Sonya says.

Sonya goes to the location Zak marked and lands as far from the entrance as she can.

"Powering down all systems...." Sonya says as her voice trails off.

September 23, 2006

Ryan's Hangar: Adz Class Patrol Destroyer

Submission Saturday: Submitted by Ryan Millman

The Adz-class was conceived as a fast patrol ship for use in the outlying regions of the galaxy, and was introduced shortly after the death of Grand Admiral Thrawn. Capable of making 0.55 past lightspeed and mounting a decent armament, the Adz-class is a highly effective vessel that sees active service primarily in the Imperial Remnant.

Class: ADZ Patrol Destroyer
Cost: Not Available for sale (Estimated 3,604K)
Size: Large (150m long)
Initiative: +3 (-1 size, +4 crew)
Crew: 17-36 (Skilled +4)
Passengers: 8
Cargo Capacity: 204 metric tons
Consumables: 6 months
Hyperdrive: x0.5 (Backup x10)
Maximum Speed (Space): Attack (8 squares/action)
Atmospheric Speed: Not Applicable
Maneuvers: +3 (+4 Crew, -1 Size)
Defense: 19 (+10 armour, -1 Size)
Hull Points: 240
Shield Points: 120
DR: 40
Weapon: Quad Laser Cannons (3) Fire Arc: Front/Right and Front/Left; Attack Bonus +7 (-1 Size, +4 Crew, +4 Fire Control); Damage: 6d10x2; Range Modifiers PB +0, S +0, M +0 L +0.
Weapon: Ion Cannon(3, 2 fire-linked) Fire Arc: Front/Right and Front/Left; Attack Bonus +7 (-1 Size, +4 Crew, +4 Fire Control); Damage: Special; Range Modifiers PB +0, S +0, M +0 L +0.
Hangar Bay: 4 tiny starfighters.

Submission Saturday.
Submitted by Ryan Millman.
Submit your work!

September 21, 2006

"Trew Aim"

Class: Trew Aim Bandit Bomber
Cost: 126 500
Size: Tiny
Initiative: +4 (+4 Crew)
Crew: 2 (Skilled +4)
Passengers: None
Cargo Capacity: None
Consumables: 1 Day
Hyperdrive: None
Maximum Speed: Ramming
Maneuvers: +6(+4 Crew, +2 Size)
Defense: 22 (+10 armour, +2 Size)
Hull Points: 150
Shield Points: 90
DR: 10
Weapon: Assault Concussion Missile Launcher (6 Missiles)
Fire Arc: Front
Attack Bonus: +10 (+4 FC, +4 Crew, +2 Size)
Damage: 9d10x5
Range Modifiers: PB+0, S-2, M-4 L NA
Weapon: Assault Laser Cannon
Fire Arc: Front
Attack Bonus:+10 (+4 FC, +4 Crew, +2 Size)
Damage: 7d10x2
Range Modifiers: PB +0, S-2 ML NA
Weapon: Auto Blaster
Fire Arc: Rear
Attack Bonus: +10 (+4 FC, +4 Crew, +2 Size)
Damage: 3d10x2
Range Modifiers: PB+0, S-2 ML NA

The pirate Carrier lacks punch. sure it has many many small concussion missiles, however it really needs a dedicated bomber ship, to take on larger ships that the Bandit fighter just couldn’t destroy, with its limited ammo. so the Bandit Bomber was born. With An assault laser cannon, assault concussion missile launcher and a rear mounted auto blaster this ship is an excellent asset in a dogfight it can tangle it up with both X-wings and Y-wings, as well as tie bombers. Against TIE’s its rear blaster shines. After these came into being, The Bad Boy Carrier Drooped three squads of Bandit Fighters, for three squads of these.

Suprise suprise, These Weren’t made using my Rules!

Now a pilot for one of these.

Nisil Nalas Givin Scout 3
Age: 27 Gender: Male
Weight: 80 KG Height: 1.8m
Eyes: ??? Hair: None Skin: Bone
Str: 10
Dex: 16
Con: 12
Int: 15
Wis: 8
Cha: 8

Vitality: 27
Wounds: 12
Defense: 18 ( +3 Dexterity, +3 Defense Bonus, +2 Natural )
Speed: 10 meters
Base Attack Bonus: +2
Melee: +2 ( +2 BAB )
Ranged: +5 (+2 BAB, +3 Dex)
Reputation: +0
Initiative: +3 (+3 Dexterity)
Fortitude: +3 ( +2 Fort save, +1 Constitution )
Reflex: +5 ( +2 Reflex save, +3 Dexterity )
Will: +1 (+2 Will save, -1 Wisdom )
SQs: DR2, Doesn’t Breath, Can Survive in Vacuum, Calculates Jumps “In Head”, Trailblazing, Heart +1

Attacks: A280: +5 (3d8+3, 19-20); Snap Baton +2 (1d6+1, 20);Unarmed +2 (1d3)

Equipment: A280, Snap Baton, Utility Belt, Datapad, 2250 Creds, Scratch Built explosive (Moderate, 4d6+1), Givin’s Revenge

Astrogate: + 14
Computer Use: + 8
Demolitioins + 8
Disguise + 5
Knowledge: Engineering + 12
Pilot: +14
Profession: Military Engineer +9
Repair: +8

Languages: Common, Givin, Verpine

Feats: Starship Operation (Star Fighters), Skill Emphasis (Pilot), Spacer, WPGS: Blaster Rifles, Blaster Pistol, Simple

Nisil was exceptional in Math, even for a Givin, but his other skills made it impossible for him to enter into a monastery, because he was drafted as a pilot into the Givin Home Defense Force. The GHDF was formed after the empire made aggressive actions over the planet with an SSD. When Thrawn began his campaign of terror , he joined the Alliance, and served with Valor at several major battle. After Thrawn were defeated, he transferred to a Spec Ops Squad, were he was their engineering and Demolitioins expert. In a mission Gone wrong, the squadron was decimated, with only three survivors. He was demoted Erroneously, for Poor leadership. Afterwards, he quit the Alliance, and became a pirate. when the new model bomber came out, he just had to try it. As a leader of a wing, his ship is a bit tricked up.

Craft: Givin’s Revenge
Class: Trew Aim Bandit Bomber
Cost: NAFS
Size: Tiny
Initiative: +3 (+3 Crew)
Crew: 1 (Unique)
Passengers: 1
Cargo Capacity: 250 Kg
Consumables: 1 Week
Hyperdrive: x2
Maximum Speed: Ramming (Good +2)
Maneuvers: +18(+14 Crew, +2 Size +2 Engine Quality)
Defense: 22 (+10 armour, +2 Size)
Hull Points: 150
Shield Points: 120
DR: 10
Weapon: Assault Concussion Missile Launcher (10 Missiles)
Fire Arc: Front
Attack Bonus: +15 (+6 FC, +5 Crew, +2 Size, +2 Engine)
Damage: 9d10x5
Range Modifiers: PB+0, S-2, M-4 L NA
Weapon: Heavy Laser Cannon
Fire Arc: Front
Attack Bonus:+15 (+6 FC, +5 Crew, +2 Size, +2 Engine)
Damage: 5d10x2
Range Modifiers: PB +0, S-2 ML NA
Weapon: Light Laser Cannon
Fire Arc: Rear
Attack Bonus: +15 (+6 FC, +5 Crew, +2 Size, +2 Engine)
Damage: 3d10x2
Range Modifiers: PB+0, S-2 ML NA
Weapon: Light Ion Cannon (4 Fire lInked)
Fire Arc: Front
Attack Bonus: +15 (+6 FC, +5 Crew, +2 Size, +2 Engine)
Damage: Special
Range Modifiers: PB+0, S-2

The Givin’s Revenge is an overall improvement over the normal “Trew Aim.” Stronger shields, heavier weapons, better engines. It is a competent assault ship, and many other flight leaders have patterned their ship off it.

September 18, 2006

Manny being Manny

Mantell Mercton is yet another character I play on the holonet, this in an upcoming game entitled, "Running the Black." This campaign focuses on a small starship and its crew as it travels throughout the galaxy in order to make ends meet.

Mantell, or “Manny” as he is often called, has lived his whole life on Ord Mantell. Manny always had an interest in the stars, and was very good in science. He desired to be a Starship Engineer. He was accepted to a university on Kuat, where he could major in Engineering. The Kuat University was one of the most prestigious in the galaxy. Unfortunately, Manny’s family was on the lower end of the middle class spectrum, and would be unable to pay for tuition fees even after scholarships. Manny was distraught. His parents offered to pay for the local Community College of Ord Mantell, but Manny knew that the College would not be able to set himself on the right path. Instead, he decided that he would earn his degree on the streets. He would find a starship, and get a job as a spacer for a few years. Over this time he would be able to earn the money to get the Engineering degree and he would learn all about the many components in the starship. Manny hooked up with Armend Trade Enterprises and got a job on the Baba O’Reily. He had been on the ship for about two years. He is Assistant Chief Engineer of the vessel and knows most of the ins and outs. Although Manny still aspires to be a Starship Engineer, he is beginning to think of starting his own small shipping company, or being the captain of another Armend trade Enterprise starship. During his free time, he often drafts starship components on his datapad.

Mantell Mercton: Human Scout 3; Init +2 (Dex); Defense 15 (+3 Class, +2 Dex); Spd 10m; VP/WP 18/11; Atk +3 melee or +4 ranged (3d6, BlasTech Blaster Pistol); SQ Trailblazing, Heart +1; SV Fort +2, Ref +2, Will +4; SZ M; Rep +0; Str 12, Dex 14, Con 11, Int 16, Wis 14, Cha 11.
Equipment: Blaster Pistol, Armend Trade Enterprises Crewman’s Outfit, Datapad, Assortment of Datacards with various literature, games, and designs, Blank Datacards, Holorecorder.
Skills: Astrogate +11, Computer Use +11, Gamble +4, Gather Info +2, Knowledge (Engineering) +12, Pilot +9, Profession (Starship Crewman) +8, Repair +11, Search +8, Sense Motive +4, Spot +6, Survival +6.
Feats: Gearhead, Skill Emphasis (Knowledge [Engineering]), Spacer, Starship Operation (Space Transport), Weapon Group Proficiencies (Simple Weapons, Blaster Pistols, Blaster Rifles).

September 14, 2006

Revised Starship Rules

In my post you'll find Four new ships, and a link to a set of rules, created by me, that will allow you to create custom ships.

More of Warlord Zacharius’s Ships

Craft: Trycht Class Anti Starfighter Frigate
Class: Trycht Class Anti Starfighter Frigate
Cost: NAFS
Size: Gargantuan
Initiative: +0 (-4 Size, +4 Crew)
Crew: 1500
Passengers: 1000 (Troops)
Cargo Capacity: 12000MT
Consumables: 2 Years
Hyperdrive: X1.5
Maximum Speed: Cruising
Maneuvers: +0(-4 Size, +4 Crew)
Defense: 16 (+10 armour, -4 Size
Hull Points: 500
Shield Points: 300
DR: 50
Weapon: Heavy Turbolasers (10)
Fire Arc: Full Turret
Attack Bonus: +6(-4 size, +4 crew, +6 fire control)
Damage: 7d10x5
Range Modifiers: -6 PB, -4 S, -2 M, +0 L
Weapon: Heavy Turbolasers (20 PD)
Fire Arc: Full Turret
Attack Bonus: +10 (+6 Fire Control, +4 Crew)
Damage: 7d10x5
Range Modifiers: PB+0 S/M/L NA
Weapon: Medium Turbolasers (30 PD)
Fire Arc: Full Turret
Attack Bonus: +10 (+6 Fire Control, +4 Crew)
Damage: 5d10x5
Range Modifiers: PB+0 S/M/L NA
Weapon: Tractor Beams (4 PD)
Fire Arc: Full Turret
Attack Bonus: +10 (+6 Fire Control, +4 Crew)
Damage: Special
Range Modifiers: PB+0 S/M/L NA

One of the best anti-starfighter frigates in existence. While its weapons may have a hard time hitting smaller ships, It’s fire power for a ship of its type is unmatched. It also isn’t solely an anti-fighter ship, as it has 10 heavy turbo laser turrets, which excel at... discouraging enemy frigate from slipping by bigger ships and attacking it. It also features good shields, and a sturdy hull, in case pilots get to ambitious, or if it needs to hold its own against other capitals for a while.

And for those REALLY BIG battles...

Class: Jacobi Class Assault Cruiser
Cost: Defiantly NAFS
Size: Colossal
Initiative: +0 (+8 Crew, -8 Size)
Crew: 146 000 (Expert+8)
Passengers: 104 000 troops, 25 000 Life Support Maintainers
Cargo Capacity: 500 Million MT
Consumables: Infinite
Hyperdrive: x2 (x10)
Maximum Speed: Cruising
Maneuvers: -2 (+8 Crew, -8 Size, -2 Armour)
Defense: 16 (-8 Size, +14 Armour)
Hull Points: 2000
Shield Points: 500
DR: 70
Weapon: Ravager Of Worlds (256 Fire linked Turbo Lasers) (4)
Fire Arc: Front
Attack Bonus:+6 (+6 Fire Control, +8 crew, -8 size)
Damage: 15d10X5
Range Modifiers: PB-6, S-4 M-2 L+0 Sensor -2
Weapon: 100 Medium Lasers (PD)
Fire Arc: Turret
Attack Bonus: +12(+8 Crew, +4 Fire Control)
Damage: 5d10x2
Range Modifiers: PB+0 SML NA
Weapon: 252 Heavy Turbolasers
Fire Arc: 102 front/left/right, 75 left/back/front, 75 front/right/back
Attack Bonus: +6 (+6 Fire Control, +8 crew, -8 size)
Damage: 7d10x5
Range Modifiers: PB-6, S-4 M-2 L+0
Weapon: 252 Heavy Ion Cannons
Fire Arc: 102 front/left/right, 75 left/back/front, 75 front/right/back
Attack Bonus:+6 (+6 Fire Control, +8 crew, -8 size)
Damage: 7d10x2 (Ion)
Range Modifiers: PB-6, S-4 M-2 L+0
Weapon: 50 Tractor Beams
Fire Arc: Turret
Attack Bonus: +6 (+6 Fire Control, +8 crew, -8 size)
Damage: Special
Range Modifiers: PB-6 S-4 ML NA
Weapon: 40 Heavy Concussion Missile Launchers
Fire Arc: Front
Attack Bonus: +6 (+6 Fire Control, +8 crew, -8 size)
Damage: 9d10x5
Range Modifiers: PB-6 S-4 M-2 L NA
Weapon: 86 Light Concussion Missile Launchers (PD)
Fire Arc: Turrets
Attack Bonus: +16(+8 Crew, +8 Fire Control)
Damage: 8d10x2
Range Modifiers: PB+0 SML NA
Weapon: Destroyer Of Cities (256 Fire-linked heavy Concussion missile launchers)
Fire Arc: Front
Attack Bonus: +8(+8 Crew, +8 Fire Control, -8 Size)
Damage: 17d10x5
Range Modifiers: PB-6, S-4 M-2 L+0 Sensor -2
Special: Carries 96 Starfighter

This ship is brand new, and incredibly deadly. It was designed for taking out large capital ships, such as SSD’s or for assaulting planets using tactics similar to the torpedo spheres. Four weapon mounts jut from the bow. These are the four “Ravagers of Worlds” the weapons that or dwarfed only by the Death Star. These have far better rate of fire, although much less dangerous. In between them its 5th weapon of planetary destruction resides. 256 torpedo Tubes. The firing gap is a between missiles is microsecond, meaning that in just a quarter of a second all missiles have been fired. This allows the ones fired later to take advantage of any holes punched in shields. When they fire together, all four, each cannon has a 4 second recharge rate, meaning that it fires in sequence, than as soon as the last laser has been fired, all the missiles launch. In planetary assault the primary target is often the planetary shields. The lasers break a momentary hole in the shields, and the missiles punch through. Against ships the blast is often aimed at the bridge, and the torpedo’s are rarely fired. Two shots often gets rid of even the most powerful of shields, and the remaining shots slag either the bridge or the shield generators. When facing star destroyers this is an easy choice, the shot is aimed at the bottom of the bridge pedestal. It destroys communications, command, shields and tractor beam aiming. After that it lets louse against the ships main reactor. The enemy is often crippled in 8 seconds, no power, no shields, no communications. It is either destroyed then and their, OR boarded by the large compliment of troops. It also carries a medium number of ships for self defense. It is warlord Zacharius’s Command ship. It was the first built, but now 4 new ones are coming of the line, after tests were such a resounding success. It leads his Personal Command Fleet, which has, In terms of capital Ships, 8 Trycht class frigates, 4 Invincible II warships, 3 Vashke carriers, 3 Tauk Cruisers, 12 ‘Bad Boy’ Carriers And 60 Ossa Gunboats as well as this ship, which he has named the Unrelenting.

Last but not least, a HUGE Carrier

Class: Vashke class assault carrier
Cost: NAFS
Size: Colossal (15 000m)
Initiative: -2 (+6 Crew, -8 Size)
Crew: 100 000 (Highly Skilled +6)
Passengers: 50 000 Troops, 15 000 Life Support Technicians
Cargo Capacity: 30 Million MT
Consumables: Infinite
Hyperdrive: x2 (x10)
Maximum Speed: Cruising
Maneuvers: -2 (+6 Crew, -8 Size)
Defense: 12 (-8 Size, +10 Armour)
Hull Points: 1800
Shield Points: 500
DR: 60
Weapon: Ravager of Worlds (256 Fire-linked turbolasers)
Fire Arc: Front
Attack Bonus: +4(+6 Crew, +6 FC, -8 Size)
Damage: 15d10x5
Range Modifiers: PB-6, S-4 M-2 L+0 Sensor -2
Weapon: 200 Medium Turbolasers (PD)
Fire Arc: Turret
Attack Bonus: +12 (+6 FC, +6 Crew)
Damage: 5d10x5
Range Modifiers: PB+0 SML NA
Weapon: 188 Heavy Turbolasers
Fire Arc: 102 front/left/right, 43 left/back/front, 43 front/right/back
Attack Bonus: +6 (+6 Fire Control, +8 crew, -8 size)
Damage: 7d10x5
Range Modifiers: PB-6, S-4 M-2 L+0

Special Carries 33 wings of Starfighter

Warlord Zacharius had a problem. His fleet had limited carrying capacity. So as a test he commissioned three large ships that would be mainly Hangar space, but could hold their own in large fleet battles. And so this ship was born. It boasts a very impressive 33 wings, almost 2400 starfighters. So far only three have been built, but soon all jacobi class ships will have at least one of these assigned to them. The first three are part of the Warlords Personal group. A secondary design requirement for these was the ability to dominated worlds, and so it carries a single Ravager of Worlds to do just this. Its typical fighter load out is: 9 Wings of Bandit fighters (Screen)
24 Wings of Odranel fighters (Assault force)

Inspiration (The Long red one)
And last but not least, a simple, old fashioned large cruiser, akin to the massive SSD

Class: Tauk Class Cruiser
Cost: NAFS
Size: Colossal (10 km)
Initiative: -2 (+6 Crew, -8 Size)
Crew: 75 000 (Very skilled +6)
Passengers: 30 000 Troops, 10 000 Life support technicians
Cargo Capacity: 1 Million Metric Tons
Consumables: Infinite
Hyperdrive: x2
Maximum Speed: Cruising
Maneuvers: -2 (+6 Crew, -8 Size)
Defense: 12 (+10 Armour, -8 Size)
Hull Points: 1200
Shield Points: 600
DR: 60
Weapon: 450 Heavy Turbolasers
Fire Arc: Turret
Attack Bonus: +4 (-8 Size, +6 Crew, +6 FC)
Damage: 7d10x5
Range Modifiers: PB-6, S-4, M-2, L +0
Weapon: 450 Heavy Ion Cannons
Fire Arc: Turret
Attack Bonus: +4 (-8 Size, +6 Crew, +6 FC)
Damage: 7d10x2 (Ion)
Range Modifiers: PB -6, S-4, M-2 L NA
Weapon: 20 heavy Tractor Beams (PD)
Fire Arc: Front
Attack Bonus: +4 (-8 Size, +6 Crew, +6 FC)
Damage: Special
Range Modifiers: PB+0 SML NA
Weapon: Heavy Concussion Missile Launcher (80)
Fire Arc: Front
Attack Bonus: +6 (-8 Size, +6 Crew, +6 FC)
Damage: 9d10x5
Range Modifiers: PB -6, S-4, M-2 L NA
Special: Carries two wings of starfighters

This is like a SSD, a relatively simple ship with no “Ultra Powerful Weapons” Its job is the same as an SSD’s lead normal fleets, scare people, act as a mobile base of command. while not as Visually scary as the larger ships, It still Can take on multiple capital ships, and has almost as many separate weapons as the massive Jacobi class ship. For its fighter Screen it deploys two wings of Odranel fighters. It has to Rely on them for anti-starfighter defense, because its anti star fighter capability is nonexistent. This ship was a success, especially when paired with a Vashke carrier. Many more are in production.

An importand part of these rules is common sense. They’re made to be flexible, and easy to use. I’m also not guaronteeing that all errors have been spoted. Its a work in progress, and I way end up posting newer versions.


September 12, 2006

Casualties of Peace (Part 1)

Eventually I hope to have the deck plans I drew up for this posted, but I don't have a scanner yet, so it'll have to wait. If there is anyone out there that knows where I can find great starship pictures, let me know. I hate using canon starships in my games, but finding pictures of things is even harder. Anyway, without further ranting, here's my ship for the day.

This ship has a 'history' which I will post up next week. It explains anything you might have questions about, such as S.O.N.Y.A. I'll post up information for her eventually as well.

I made this ship to be the focal point of the adventure. The characters find it, it has its secrets, like how it got to a scrap yard, or why there's remains of somebody on board.

Craft: Corellian Engineering Corporation AT-6
Class: Space transport
Cost: Prototype, not available for sale.

Size: Small (43.0 m long)
Initiative: +3 (+1 size, +2 crew)
Crew: 1 or 2
Passengers: 6
Cargo Capacity: 175 metric tons
Consumables: 4 months
Hyperdrive: x1; Backup: x10
Maximum Speed: Ramming (10 squares/action); Current: Attack (8 squares/action)
Atmospheric Speed: 1050 km/h (18 squares/action); Current: 800 km/h (13 squares/action)

Maneuvers: +2 (+1 size, +1 Maneuver Systems, (+3 in Atomsphere))
Defense: 23 (+1 size, +12 armor)
Shield Points: 90 (DR 20) Current: 90
Hull Points: 120 (DR 20) Current: 100

Misc System: Computer A.I. (Ships On-board Navigation and Yeoman Application) (S.O.N.Y.A.); 2 Escape Pods

Weapon: Double turbolaser cannons; Fire Arc: Front;
Attack Bonus: +5 (+1 size; +4 fire control);
Damage: 5d10x2; Range Modifiers: PB -2, S +0, M +0, L -2.

Developed Flaws:

-Hyperdrive Damaged: 3 Burned Flux Capacitors
20% chance of Hyperdrive not working.
Partial Repair DC 17 (Can get the hyperdrive working in an hour)
Repair DC 22, Cost for parts: 10,000

-Thrust Control System Out of Alignment
Reduce 2 Squares from Movement speed.
Repair DC 23, Cost for parts: 25,000

-Hull Damaged: Corrossion in several spots of the ships structure
1/6 of Hull damaged.
Repair DC 27, Cost for parts: 50,000

-Manuevering Fin Damaged
-3 to Manuevers in Atomsphere.
Repair DC 30, Cost for parts: 12,500

September 11, 2006

Episode VI: Return of the Site

It is the time that we have all been waiting for. Star Wars Roleplaying Resources is back. After taking a summer break the staff of SWRPR has got the hampsters spinning the wheels once more. The site has a new look, for the new beginning.

First, before we can get to "the center of the Tootsie Pop" we need to lick it a few (25d20) times. I want to throw out some really good Star Wars sites out there for your surfing pleasure. First off, is the SWRPG Wiki, which like us, has taken some down time but now sports a new look and some great new features. The SWRPG Wiki has moved to wikicities, which makes it much easier for anyone to get in there and give their input and post their stats. Next is the Star Wars RPG Network, which personally, isn't as much of a site as it is a community. The Holonet boards there are a good place to bounce off ideas and even play the RPG.

Now, Padawan, you have achieved sufficent knowledge to get to the center of the Tootsie Pop. You have not failed and bit the lollipop, such impatience leads to the dark side. Today, I have a character from a game I play on the Holonet titled, The Remaining Jedi.

Lugino Pirat
Lugino Pirat is a Miraluka, born on their homeworld of Alpheridies during the Old Republic. Lugino was recruited into the Jedi Temple like most other Miraluka children, at a very young age. He trained under Yoda and was eventually attached as a padawan to Jedi Master Yonto Eldu. Lugino quickly progressed and gained the title of Jedi Knight shortly before the Battle of Geonosis. During the Clone Wars, Lugino did nothing to hide the fact that he was a Miraluka; there was no need to. He followed his species’ tradition in wearing a decorative cloth over his empty eye sockets. His battle record is often small, as he was assigned to worlds that were never attacked. He was in the Jedi Temple, constructing a new lightsaber, when it was being raided by Anakin Skywalker, however; he sensed the incoming danger, and escaped the Temple before it was destroyed. He traveled to Polis Massa were he met up with other Jedi. The Jedi were chased down, many escaped in a ship called the Kyra. Lugino went with two other Jedi on a private vessel to Nar Shadda with a Rodian Pilot. The ship crashed into a Squib Reclamation Cruiser killing all on board except Lugino. The Squibs helped Lugino by giving him supplies and a Firespray Patrol Craft named the Rusty Corona. Lugino took his new ship to Ord Mantell, hoping to disappear for a while and eventually met up with the other Jedi, or even discover some on Ord Mantell.

Lugino is just short of two meters tall. He carries a green single-bladed lightsaber and wears a common cloak. Being a Miraluka, he has empty eye sockets and relies on the Force to see. With the Purge, he prefers to hide his eye sockets completely and does this by wearing tinted goggles that cover his eyes from all directions.

Lugino’s main goal is survival. He also desires to meet up with the other Jedi at some point and is using Ord Mantell as a temporary safe haven to rest and disappear.

Era Notes
Lugino Pirat is designed to be a Rise of the Empire character, shortly following Revenge of the Sith.

Lugino is a character that I play in a freeform game, but here are some stats that best suit his character.

Lugino Pirat: Human Male Jedi Guardian 9; Init +4; Defense 19 (+7 Class, +2 Dex); Spd 10m; VP/WP 72/10; Atk +12/+7* melee (3d8+1 lightsaber) or +11/+6 ranged; SQ Deflect (Defense +2), Deflect (Attack -4), Deflect (Extend Defense and Attack), Block; SV Fort +6, Ref +8, Will +5; FP 3; DSP 0; Rep +3; Str 13, Dex 14, Con 10, Int 14, Wis 12, Cha 12.
Equipment: Lightsaber*, Cloak, Tinted Goggles, Datapad.
*Lugino Pirat has constructed his own lightsaber
Skills: Disguise +10 Read/Write Basic, Read/Write Miralukese, Read/Write Rodese, Speak Basic, Speak.
Force Skills: Affect Mind +11, Enhance Ability +5, Enhance Senses +6, Farseeing +6, Force Defense +6, Force Defense +3, Force Stealth +3, Illusion +15, Move Object +9, See Force +6, Telepathy +6.
Feats: Combat Reflexes, Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Lightsaber), Force-Sensitive, Power Attack, Skill Emphasis (Illusion, Disguise), Weapon Group Proficiencies (simple, blaster pistols).
Force Feats: Alter, Control, Knight Defense, Lightsaber Defense, Mind Trick, Sense.

United We Stand