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June 19, 2006


Creshaldyne Industries followed up their popular Blast-Dampening Armor with their less popular slug-proof armor. They knew that there was less of a demand for slug-proof armor and they made a smaller production of it. They routinely produce more when it is ordered. Some Planetary Police forces that face problems with slugs tend to order these sets of armor. The vest is composed of an ultra-modern synthetic fiber. That is extremly dense. This reduces most slug shots from skin-penetrating to heavy thuds.

Creshaldyne Industries Slug-Proof Armor
Armor Type: Medium Armor
Profeciency Group: Medium
Cost: 6500
Damage Reduction: 2 or 5 agaist slugthrowers or other non energy attacks
Maximum: Dex Bonus: +2
Armor Check Penalty: -2
Speed: 8m/4m
Weight: 5 kg
Availability: Uncommon
Era: All

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