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June 13, 2006

Respect your Elders in the Space Lanes

Kadro Cassilus is an old flyer-for-hire. He has been flying starships a lot longer than many of the hot shots out there. He also has never involved himself in any of the illegal activities that many other space pilots get involved with. He is often found in a cantina telling stories of his travels to younger spacers. He tells stories about his adventures, politics, the way life used to be, etc. He still carries out some contracts in his ship the Golden Eclipse. After a long life of traveling the space lanes the Golden Eclipse is a well equipped ship, unlike many ships that are owned by smugglers. He has had many co-pilots through the years. All have gone on to their own ships. He is currently searching for a co-pilot.

Involving Kadro in your campaign
*Kadro can be found at any cantina in the galaxy telling his stories to those who want to listen. Have Kadro become friendly with the characters.
*Kadro was recently hired to deliver a shipment of foodstuffs to a planet. While en route to his destination he went to check the shipment and found that the crates were filled with slaves. He has turned around and is trying to find help at the local cantina to handle the situation. He wants his reputation as a clean pilot to remain.

Kadro Cassilius: Old Male Human Fringer 1/Scout 10; Init +4; Def 17 (+7 class); Spd 10m; VP/WP 65/8; Atk +7/+2 melee or +7/+2 ranged (3d6, Blaster Pistol); SQ Trailblazing, Heart +1, Skill Mastery (Pilot, Astrogate), Evasion, Extreme Effort, Uncanny Dodge; SV Fort +6, Ref +6, Will +7; FP 4; DSP 1; Rep +2; Str 11, Dex 10, Con 8, Int 16, Wis 14, Cha 13.
Equipment: Blaster Pistol, Old looking Flight Suit, Keys to Golden Eclipse
Skills: Astrogate +19, Demolitions +6, Entertain (Storytelling) +19, Gamble +6, Hide +12, Listen +13, Move Silently +7, Pilot +16, Profession (Pilot) +15, Read/Write Basic, Repair +11, Search +14, Speak Basic, Speak Huttese, Speak Rodese, Spot +15, Survival +12.
Feats: Combat Reflexes, Cosmopolitan (Entertain [Storytelling]), High Culture, Improved Initiative, Point Blank Shot, Spacer, Starship Operation, Transport, Track Weapon Group Proficiencies (Simple Weapons, Blaster Pistols, Blaster Rifles, Primitive Weapons).


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