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June 29, 2006

Its a Comet, It's a Sun, no it's... Oh my!!!

In a huge galaxy, the wonders of space are manifold. One of the largest is the Colossal Drifting Void Jelly. This creature lacks a brain, and many internal organs. It looks like a jelly fish, however, they are a brilliant gold, with gentle blue streamers trailing behind. These appendages are around 5 kilometers long, and 50 meters wide. They emit electricity, and are the lures it uses to catch its prey, Mynocks. These release energy, which this leviathan creates in its core. When a Mynock bites, the shock is way to much for there system, and they are killed. If these touch a ship, then it could ionize the ships systems. These creatures can travel through black holes, and other anomalies, and they can be found in most parts of the galaxy, but are often mistaken for stars or asteroids. These are nearly invincible, the only thing that can really kill them is exposure to gravity, and oxygen, in which they rapidly die, then explode in a cataclysmic explosion.

Stat Block
Average Drifting void Jelly scavenger 10
Weight: 50000 tons Height: 10 km Dia. 5 km length
Str: 40
Dex: 4
Con: 35
Int: -
Wis: 1
Cha: -

Vitality: 190
Wounds: 280
Defense: -1
Speed: Docking
Base Attack Bonus: +7/+2
Melee: +14/+9
Ranged: -
Reputation: +2
Initiative: -11
SQ: DR 60, Brainless (no Int or Cha) Swallow whole (up to 1600m), Space Dweller: when it enters a planets atmosphere, it must make a DC 25 fortitude save, or die. It must make a save every minute, with each time the difficulty increasing by 1. Death throes: When it dies, all the stored energy will be released in 4d6 minutes. This energy deals 10d10x10 damage to everything within 50 km, and 5d10x5 to everything within 12d6+50 km.
Fortitude: +15
Reflex: +0
Will: -2

Attacks: +14/+9 Melee (6 tentacles) 6d10x2+15 (ion) +14/+9 Melee 3d10+15 Bite (swallow whole)

Note, as a creature without a brain, it just drifts around, and since its lacking a brain it doesn’t have skills or feats

Campaign ideas:

- A Void Jelly is aimlessly drifting toward a planet, and the defense fleet can’t destroy something of this magnitude. The PC’s must find some way to make it miss the planet, or billions will die.

- The Vong have found out about the Void jellies, and plan to make them the ultimate bio-weapon the PC’s must stop them, or the war will surely be lost.


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