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June 28, 2006

"All you want to do is ride around..."

The Alderaan Royal Engineers Capri-class Shuttle, designed by Arani Antilles. It was built to be a shuttle that could be carried either on the inside of a Space Transport, or the outside, using the Transport's Docking Hatch and the magnetic landing gear of the Shuttle. It is space worthy, but meant more for travel while on a planet's surface. A vehicle that is affordable and easily transported, and allows the rich to avoid using rental craft, or worse, public transit.

This craft was designed and put into production, 8 months after the end of the Clone Wars. Coming from the ARE as it was, it didn't ever become very popular, but it had mild success within the catalog of ARE's ships.

Craft: Alderaan Royal Engineers Capri-class Shuttle
Class: Starfighter
Cost: 55,000 credits

Size: Fine (5 m long)
Initiative: +10 (+8 size, +2 crew)
Crew: 1 or 2 (Normal +2)
Passengers: 2
Cargo Capacity: 150 kg
Consumables: 3 days
Hyperdrive: None
Maximum Speed: Ramming (10 squares/action)
Atmospheric Speed: 1,050 km/h (18 squares/action)

Maneuvers: +10 (+8 size, +2 crew)
Defense: 28 (+8 size, +10 armor)
Hull Points: 40 (DR 10)

Additional Equipment: Magnetic Landing Claw


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