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June 20, 2006


The title of the article says it all. This is the 100th resourceful article. It is actually the 105th article, but who cares! Today is a day to celebrate, but instead of celebrating with a delicious food, such as the Chocolate Cake from our 50th article milestone, I have chosen a look back on what this website has accomplished and then a look forward.

A Look Back

The site began on November 9th, 2005. I had rekindled my interest in running a Star Wars site after my geocities failure in April that year. Geocities made the site look unattractive and I had only a few updates on it. Something, perhaps the Force, directed me towards blogger. I looked at some of the blogs on it and liked the way it looked. I started the blog and turned the dying geocities site into an index. The “Minima” template didn’t last long and after one week I switched to the Rounders design that the site continues to use. November was a good month. I never missed a day of posting unlike this spring. December came and posting became a little less routine. The site also adopted the headline, “The most updated Star Wars RPG Website on the internet!” December also saw the beginning of the “From the Pantry” articles. From the Pantry is something that is completely original to Star Wars Roleplaying Resources, the one thing that makes us different from other websites out there. After slacking slightly in December, January picked up the pace and produced 20 articles, the most articles in a single month so far. February and March were okay months. Many days were skipped but the site could still be arguable considered as the most updated Star Wars RPG site on the Internet. Then came April and May, the “dark ages” of Star Wars Roleplaying Resources. High School sports took up too much of my time. There were 13 articles posted over a course of two months. With June I committed myself to revive the site and restore it to how it was at the beginning, well updated. The first week and a half of June, end of the year projects bogged me down, taking most of my time. Finally, on June 9th, the projects were completed and I could post again. Seven months to the day from when the site began, it was revitalized. With Renci Tosh, a Galactic Cup gambler, an elderly spacer with lots of stories to tell, the ship that he traveled in, a family oriented transport, and our first Prestige Class, last week has to have been the most productive week that the site has seen.

A Look Ahead

So here we are. This site has weathered one hundred articles and will hopefully survive hundreds more. Although “In motion, the future is” Star Wars Roleplaying Resources hopes to put out quality articles every weekday. Also, I hope that we can have more themed weeks, similar to the Medic Week that featured Sariah Tancredé, the Lanza Medical Speeder and the Cybot Galactica Med2 Droid. I also hope that we can put out small mini-sourcebooks. Remember, the future is always in motion and the only thing above that is a promise, is new articles every weekday. However, to help this happen, Star Wars Roleplaying Resources is no longer a one man show. As you may have noticed, there is now a list of contributors where my profile used to be. So say hello to the Star Wars Roleplaying Resources Team!

José Skysprinter
Mack Jace

All members of the team are members of the Holonet and clicking on their name will bring you to their profile there.

The first hundred were good start, here’s to a great next hundred and beyond.


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