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May 15, 2006

The Galactic Church of the Creator

The Galactic Church of the Creator is the most dominant religion in the galaxy except for atheism. It was originally called the Church of Coruscant, but after Hyperspace travel allowed for the colonization of other worlds, the church changed its name to the Galactic Church of the Creator to be more accepting to its followers.

The church follows the basic idea that a “Creator” intelligently created the universe in its entirety. The Bodecre is the book of liturgy used in sermons. It carries the story of the creation of the universe and life. It contains many parables that are used as analogies to life.

The Grand Temple of the Creator on Coruscant that stands today, in the rebellion era, has been rebuilt five times. Each time the Temple has gotten larger and added on a more modern appearance, but it still uses an old design.

The church is led on a galactic scale by an Oberstpaus, a name meaning supreme father in an ancient dialect. The Oberstpaus leads the church and is a recognized throughout the galaxy. Each planet has a bishop who organizes all the parishes on that world. Each church is run and served by a Priest.

Stay tuned to Star Wars Roleplaying Resources for more information on the Galaxy’s most prominent religion. Tennis will be over in the next few weeks and so will most of my homework load, so you can expect Star Wars Roleplaying Resources to make a full comeback in the upcoming weeks.


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