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April 24, 2006

Munjo's Crown of Kings

Archaeologists from the Moons of Selventia and Bosquetino have searched the volcanic planet Munjo for over five years and have still not found the elusive artifact, the Crown of Kings. The crown was worn by the King or Huáng of the planet. The planet only entered its volcanic age two hundred years before the Battle of Yavin. As volcanoes took control of the planet, the Huáng Armide ordered that the planet be evacuated with the help of new found friends in their system, the Huáng Dí­ Empire. The Huáng Dí­ Empire with their primitive space technology agreed to help the inhabitants of Munjo evacuate. The ferries brought citizens to the two moons of the planet, Selventia and Bosquetino. Many of the nobility traveled to Selventia and paid ferries to take the poor to Bosquetino. This act of class segregation cost the Selventians in the long run. The Huáng Dí­ made the Selventians pay the bill for the ferries since they had all the power and money. The Selventians sell all their Blonde and Red haired children to the Huáng Dí­ Empire, while the Bosquetinos trade fruit. Huáng Armide remained in his palace throughout the entire evacuation process, vowing not to leave until everyone had made it to safety. His bravery cost him his life. The volcanic regions expanded on the planet until there was no safe place left. The King was thought to have died in his palace, but his remains, and the crown have not been found in that location. It is currently believed that he lead a group of survivors to a different safe haven where they perished a few years later.

The Crown of Kings is being searched for because of its historical value. Each moon also believes that if they find the crown they will be able to control the other moon or possibly unite and free themselves from the Huáng Dí­ Empire which dominates them.

Crown of Kings
Value: Immense
Weight: 2 kg

Wearing the Crown of Kings grants the wearer the following benefits:
  • +2 Reputation Checks within the Huáng Star System, +4 Reputation Bonus on Munjo
  • +4 Equipment bonus to Charisma Based Skills during the Pre-Volcanic Age on Munjo
  • +2 Force Bonus to Charisma Based Skills any time
  • Special Quality: Insipre Confidence (Noble)
  • Special Quality: Lucky (1/Day) (Scoundrel)


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