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April 19, 2006

From the Pantry: Gukked Eggs

From the Pantry, an exclusive Star Wars Roleplaying Resources feature is here! Let the food and drink expert show you how to spice up parties or cantinas with exotic, interesting, and different food and drinks from around the galaxy.

Gukked Eggs

Gukked Eggs (Food)
Cost: 1 credit
Profession (Cook) DC: 5
Game Rules: One hour after consumption the consuming character gains +5 Vitality Points. Also, for four hours after consumption, but beginning one hour after consumption, Vitality Points are restored at twice the normal rate.
Time: 5 Minutes

Gukked Eggs is a fried version of scrambled eggs. It is a good way to start the day and often leaves people feeling refreshed after they eat it.


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