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April 17, 2006

The Continuing Adventures of Valdo: Driftwood

joseThe Continuing Adventures of Valdo, follow Valdo on his adventures. To see the archives of The Continuing Adventures of Valdo, click here. Stick with Star Wars Roleplaying Resources to follow the story and learn the fate of the unfortunate Duro.

The Continuing Adventures of Valdo: Driftwood

6th Day since impact

The rain stopped today, but the water did not recede so most of the day was spent on board the Memsochet. I also managed to finish the realspace receiver, as I said I would yesterday. All I need is a stronger power supply and I should have a transmitter that should be able to cover the whole planet or most of it. I could have easily just rewired some things, but I got tired of being in the ship and once again tried to fish. I caught three of those little fish today, but my biggest catch was one of the natives. The Edstigarian was drifting down stream, probably a casualty of the recent flooding. I snagged him with the fishing line and examined their strange body. As I noted during the first encounter, these creatures walk on three slender legs. They seemed to be quick and nimble, if I remember correctly. Their muscles seem less developed than most species. It is possible that these Edstigarians are not very strong. The scariest part of the entire body is the skull. The skull is larger than that of a human of comparable size. These “big heads” probably have big brains, and I don’t want to make enemies with a race of strange smart creatures from a different world.

The Edstigarians

Personality: At this point all, Edstigarians are still living on Edstigar and favor professions such as fishing and hunting.
Physical Description: A humanoid species with the exception for their tripedal characteristics. Their skin is primarily grey. They also have a large skull and stand 1.7 meters tall.
Homeworld: Edstigar
Language: Eddiaan
Age in Years: Child 1-10; Young Adult 11-14; Adult 15-27; Middle Age 28-40; Old 40-50; Venerable 60+
Example Names: Jolm, Malm, Dilm, Harulm, Dii-lum
Adventurers: The Edstigarians that do become adventures probably would begin as Fringers, Scouts, and Soldiers.
Edstigarian Species Traits
· +2 Dexterity, +2 Wisdom, -2 Strength, -2 Constitution: Edstigarians are agile and have great mental abilities, but are not very strong.
· Medium-Size: As medium size creatures, Edstigarians have no special bonuses or penalties.
· Edstigarian Base Speed is 10m.
· +2 Survival Checks and Fortitude Saves made in Cold Weather; -2 Survival Checks and Fortitude Saves in Hot Weather: Edstigar has a colder climate than the average, desirable, inhabited planet and the Edstigarians are used to these temperatures.
· Primitive: An Edstigarian receives the bonus feat Weapon Group Proficiency (Primitive Weapons) and Weapon Group Proficiency (Simple Weapons) instead of the starting feats normally given at 1st level.
· Tripedal: Edstigarians have three legs and are granted a +2 stability bonus against trip attacks and bantha rush attacks.
· Automatic Language: Read/Write and Speak Eddiaan

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