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March 10, 2006

The Continuing Adventures of Valdo: Welcome to Edstigar

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The Continuing Adventures of Valdo: Welcome to Edstigar

4th day since Impact

The rain finally ended today. I decided to step foot outside of the Memsochet. The ground was very muddy. The region is mostly forest with the occasional clearing. I walked a few kilometers in each direction. There are many interesting species of birds on this planet.
However, the most interesting discovery I made today was not the birds. I was taking a rest, sitting on a fallen tree. I was watching a nearby stream and the strange creature that was drinking from it. Suddenly, an object hit the creature and it fell to the ground. Then two humanoids approached and dragged the animal away. I thought about approaching the beings but they could consider me a threat and shoot me as well. The species had three legs and looked like a hairless human. I immediately returned to my ship. I have had enough of Edstigar for today.


Planet Type: Terrestrial
Climate: Rainy, Temperate
Terrain: Forest, Snowy Forest
Atmosphere: Breathable
Gravity: 0.97 (standard)
Diameter: 5372 km
Length of Day: 23 standards hours
Length of year: 218 local days
Sentient Species: Edstigarians
Languages: Eddiaan
Population: 2000
Species Mix: Edstigarian: 100%
Government: None
Major Exports: None
Major Imports: None
Star Name: ESG-386

Edstigar was the name given to the planet by Valdo, the first citizen of the galactic empire to visit the planet, although he didn’t have a choice. It is inhabited by a small group of three legged sentient beings. They are not technologically advanced at all and have primitive methods of shooting objects to penetrate the skin.

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  • I often get asked how I come up with names for my planets. As mentioned in another article, Dnalkwoe is Ewokland backwards.

    Well, this article states that it is unknown why Valdo named the planet Edstigar. For people who watch 24, you watched Edgar Stiles die on this week's episode. Edstigar is simply the first two letters of his first name, the first three letters of his last, and then the remaining letters of his first name. When it is done, the name sounds as if it belongs in the Star Wars Galaxy.

    --Jose Skysprinter

    By Blogger Jose Skysprinter, at 3/10/2006 3:49 PM  

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