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March 15, 2006

The Continuing Adventures of Valdo: Gone Fishin'

The Continuing Adventures of Valdo, follow Valdo on his adventures. To see the archives of The Continuing Adventures of Valdo, click here. Stick with Star Wars Roleplaying Resources to follow the story and learn the fate of the unfortunate Duro.

Gone Fishin'

5th Day since impact

Only yesterday the skies were clear and it seemed that the rain would stop for good. Today they started once more. The water from a nearby river has been steadily rising. If the rain keeps up like this my ship will be underwater. I sat on the boarding ramp to my ship most of the day, observing the planet, trying to find a way out. I did make a small breakthrough in repairing the ship. I was looking through the spare parts and with a little work, I should be able to get the ship’s realspace receiver working. I will still be missing the satellite dish that boosts the range of the communications equipment, but I should be able to hear ships if they come to this desolate place. I also tried my hand at fishing in the river for some fish. I caught one, a small little fish, but now I know that I can eat something different besides the many ration bars I brought.

Pehcamo (Food)
Cost: 5 credits
Profession (Cook) DC: 14
Game Rules: +1d6 Vitality Points are gained one hour after consumption. +2 Wisdom based skills for three hours after consumption. –2 Fortitude Saves for three hours after consumption. Bonuses and penalties due to Pehcamo do stack if multiple servings are eaten. Brain Food: Make a Constitution check at DC 12, if the roll is passed add 1 brain food point to the charachter who consumed the item. A character may only earn 1 brain food point a day. A charachter may trade in 75 brain food points to add 1 to either the charachter's Intelligence or Wisdom.
Time: Pehcamo takes 10 minutes to prepare and 15 minutes to cook

Pehcamo is a meal made from fish. Many different fish can be used. The fish are cut into small slices and mixed with some sort of green vegetable whether synthetic or organic.

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