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February 20, 2006

Senator Sidewalk Shooting Investigation

Senator Sidewalk Shooting Investigation

Totaw gave Ireak, Gotthelm, and Spam a new mission. “As the base on Kyoh is established, we need you to help with a local dispute. Aled Kuyli, a Senator of the Planetary Protectors was found dead in an alleyway this morning. Both Jose Skysprinter, the local crime lord, and the police are looking into the crime. Jose is a valuable asset to the rebellion and we need to make sure that he is happy with Kyoh. For if he leaves, so could his support.”
They walked to the alleyway in search of clues. Two doors were in the alleyway, one lead to a cantina, the other to a private residence. In the cantina, the group notices a well dressed noble who looked out of place.
Ireak addressed the noble, “What do you know about the humanitarian rights movement?”
The noble looked at Ireak funny, and then ignored him. Ireak responded by looking back funnier and says, “Do you know anything about the murder that happened outside this cantina?”
“I’m sorry for your loss if you are a friend of the family, but I really do not care about Aled. Now could you please leave me alone?”
Gotthelm turned to some nearby thugs and questioned them, but they also knew nothing about the murder. Ireak bites one of the thugs, in hope of encouraging him memory, but the thug just shoved the bothan away and leaves.
The three then go to the private residence and find the door to be locked. Ireak played with the lock for a minute and opened the door. They walked in and Spam searched around. “Hey, look at this blaster rifle! It is modified for sniping,” Spam growled.
Ireak went back across the dark alley into the cantina, and worked on finding more information about the rifle. After about an hour of sitting in the cantina and talking to people, he concluded that a rodian named Ghutto had been bragging about the rifle for a few weeks. Ireak takes a scrawled note of Ghutto’s address and the group goes to his house. They find Ghutto lying on the floor, with obvious blaster wounds, sitting at his computer. Spam hurried to the computer and looked around at some recently opened files. He pointed to an email that reads,
To: Ghutto
From: Futyiop
Subject: Aled Kuyli
Kill Him.
“Simple message,” Ireak says. Ireak lead the group back into the cantina to meet the well dressed noble who identified himself as Futyiop. Gotthelm pushed him into a corner.
“Who are you? Do you know who I am? Let go of me!” Futyiop said.
Gotthelm explained, “We have evidence that you hired a rodian assassin to kill Senator Aled, and then you killed the rodian.”
“He was about to vote against me in an important vote today. He needed to be removed from office,” the huiijyi noble said.
“You dirty politician,” Gotthelm uttered in disgust.
“I’ll give you ten thousand credits, just don’t tell anyone about this,” Futyiop demanded.
Ireak said, “He sounds alright to me.”
“I won’t allow you to take bribes like this Ireak,” Gotthelm said, with a subtle tap to his lightsaber.
Ireak got the hint. Then he pulled out his comlink, “Dreaks, Ralk, I need you here.” Ireak, Spam, and Gotthelm waited for Ireak’s diplomatic aides to arrive. The aides then escorted the corrupt senator along with them. The group went to Jose Skysprinter’s house.
Jose asked, “You are here to look into the murder of my friend Aled, I presume.”
Ireak told his aides, who were carrying Futyiop upside down, to walk forward and present her to Jose. “See this guy, imagine him right side up, and that’s the killer.”
Jose went inside his house and pulled out three sacks of credits and gave one to Gotthelm, Spam, and Ireak.
“There is two thousand in each of these bags. Thank you very much.”

This adventure was played in December 2005. It took about 20-25 minutes to play, hence the short write up. It was used to introduce the heroes to a more open ended style of play. The following adventure, the assassination of Moff Frionde took close to 3 hours and was very open ended.
Note: Jose Skysprinter in this story and as my post name is not related to Tom or Antonio Skysprinter, in game or out of game.


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