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January 02, 2006

The Trevuran Incident

The Trevuran Incident

The heroes of the Besbrilldra Rebel Cell had saved the Stellar Damsel and were now awaiting new orders. "Greetings," Yoko Tosh, their cell leader said. "The cell of Trevura needs your help again. They are teaming up with an underground droid resistance. There are rumors about some large scale attack. You'll also have someone else with you on this mission." Antonio Skysprinter looked at Renci Tosh with hopeful eyes. Yoko saw Antonio staring at his daughter and then continued, "Antonio's brother approached me while you were away last mission. Here is Tom Skysprinter." A large human walked into the room and shook hands with everyone in the room.
"Hey, so let's get going then," the new cell member said. The group walked to their ship the Corvette and got in.
Antonio let the nav computer calculate the coordinates and then he pushed the hyperspace level forward.

After landing, their astromech droid led them to the droid resistance location. An old Trade Federation Droid with crimson shoulder coverings beckoned them to sit down. "Welcome everyone. For those who do not know me, I am Geeardee. We have come across some information that Blask is going to try to do something to the droid factory in Voma. Essar, would you continue?" The old droid said.
A familiar droid stepped forward. "Thank you Geeardee, I am Essar. Myself and Teethreepio ran into these organics during the 'Inhibitor incident.' We happened to get them to help us. Now these organics will try to get the information from Blask's personal computer in the Capital Tower. We can get a remote connection from the tower so you can slice into the network from other rooms, but for speeds sake, it would be best if you just ran up to one of the terminals, got a slicer to crack in, then have your astromech pull as much as he can hold and we can sort through it later. The Trevura rebel cell is also lending its assistance."

The group left the building and let the droid lead them to Kerisskus, a trandoshan rebel soldier with the Trevuran rebel cell. They also used the Trevuran cell to contact a slicer for them. A person named Gigabyte joined up with them and they entered the Capital Tower. The group hurries across the floor to enter the turbolift. They silently walked across the hall on the second floor to a room marked 'Merno Blask.' They quickly and silently entered and Gigabyte quickly got to work. It took only a minute or so but soon three stormtroopers on guard walked past the office. They noticed something moving inside and entered. Gotthelm, Antonio and Tom all swung their lightsabers and quickly disarmed and dismembered the stormtroopers. They left the building without incident.

After a few hours searching through the files that had been put into the memory banks of the astromech droid, Essar approached them. "It's not good at all. A message from Merno to his army was found. They are planning to attack the factory when the droid's head is in the tower. There was a droid head hanging over the service desk today!"
"We need to act now," Geeardee said. "We'll get you into the factory. Be prepared." Essar ushered the group into the factory.
"I'm going to go and look to see what resources are here in the building," Kerisskus said. In ten minutes he returned with five thermal-activated thermal detonators and an E-Web blaster. Kerisskus set up the E-Web blaster at the end of a hallway guarding the entrance. Spam went with Ireak into the sensor room and watched all of the security camera displays. It wasn't long before the intruders entered the building. Two detonators exploded. Through the smoke Kerisskus shouted, "I can see them!" However the private soldiers didn't see Kerisskus firing at them from down the hall. Instead they saw many battle droids firing blasters at them. Gotthelm was in the corner of the hallway, straining to hold the illusion. Kerisskus continued firing and killed a few more.
The men advanced on the droids. They pulled out their stun batons and swung at the droids. Their hands went right through the droids as they swung. At that moment, they realized that the droids were fake. Gotthelm stopped the illusion of the droids, hid deeper in the shadow, and made an illusion of himself around the corner. Gotthelm watched as the five remaining men walked down the corridor.
Another explosion rocked the droid factory. Ireak picked up his comlink and said, "They are in the final corridor before the main computer!" Tom Skysprinter was hiding in a side room near the main computer for the factory. He couldn't move from the spot to attack otherwise he risked tripping the final detonator. A droideka that Gotthelm had fixed up, walked out of the corridor and began firing at the hired soldiers. Two shots nailed one man and he immediatly fell on to the floor. Another hit a different man. The men began to fire at the droideka. The droideka lured the men close to the final detonator. Then it rolled into a ball and quickly zoomed away. Tom saw this and quickly took cover.
The last line of defense detonated. Tom knew this was his time to shine. He peeked around the corner to see the remaining soldiers. One was rolling on the ground to extinguish the fire, another was searching for his blaster. The rest were dead. Tom ignites his lightsaber and swings it at the man looking for his blaster. The man cried in pain as his arm was severed from his body. The man on fire picked up his blaster and leveled it at Tom. The blaster shot hit tom in his right hand. He dropped his lightsaber. With his left hand he pulled out his heavy blaster pistol and shot the man repeatedly. The man with a missing arm then picked up a blaster and placed it against Tom's head.
The sound of a blaster echoed in the hallway. Tom noticed he was still alive as the man holding the blaster fell. The droideka rolled over to Tom and seemed to give him a wink. The rest of the group hurried to the scene and congratulated Tom. Gotthelm noticed a datacard on the floor. He picked it up and put it in his datapad. "This virus is very important in the elimination of droids and the rebels that use them. I have given Consulate Topi Tulon control of this mission,. but he is ill so you will take over. This virus is created by Tulon and causes droids to cease functioning; some droids also suffer memory losses after. -MB" The group ran to the droid resistance to alert them of the new information.
Geeardee exclaims, "You must go after Consulate Topi Tulon, he may have more copies of the virus!" The group then rushed to the Consulate's office.
The Consulate quickly keyed a sequence in on his computer. "What are you trying to do?" he asked.
Kerisskus walked into the room with some members of the planetary police force. "We have proof that you made a virus that planned to disrupt the droids on the planet. The police is here to put you under arrest."
"Hahahahahaha, you can't get me!" He pulled an ID out from his desk, "I'm a diplomat here from Juklin, I am not only protected by the many stormtroopers behind me, but by something called diplomatic immunity. Now if you excuse me, I'll be going now." Tulon quickly ran out of the building and to a private diplomatic vessel and left the planet.

The Trevuran Incident was meant to tie up some strings and is the fourth adventure in our campaign. It was played in June of 2004. To see the other adventures, please go to the Campaign History section of the site.

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