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January 30, 2006

Search for a Base

Search for a Base

The group returned to Yavin IV after Heriston. Antonio rejoined the group. Totaw Hobat gives the group their next mission, “I wish I could let you stay here longer but we desperately need a new location. In another day or two, the Empire will be back with a greater fleet. We need to find a location. We have found four planets for you to investigate. Here are datacards describing some basic information of each. We need you to visit each planet and then make a judgment on which planet we should have our temporary base. Because we don’t know what the situation is on each planet, you must take your X-Wings on this scouting mission.” The group took the datacards and went into another room of the base to look at them.
“Tarkinil have a low technological understanding. This datacard rates them as ‘Agricultural,’” Gotthelm said.
“I want to go to Kyoh!” Fred exclaimed. “It looks cool.”
“Arontut has some crazy atmosphere. We’re going to need breath masks,” Spam said, after looking at the Arontut datacard.
“Okay, throw all the cards in this stormtrooper helmet, we’ll pick one out randomly,” Gotthelm suggested. He threw all the datacards in a helmet and let Fred pick one out.
“Arontut,” he said.
All the members of the group went to the hangar and flew their X-Wings to Arontut, using the coordinates given in the datacard. They were about the open their cockpit hatches when Spam says, “Wait a minute. Wait a minute. This is the one with the funky atmosphere. Don’t forget your breath masks everybody!” Everyone admired the ewok’s advice and put their breath mask on.
Everyone then exited their ships and saw a world covered with holes that seemed to lead to underground caves and tunnels. One particular hole was very close to the group. Antonio Skysprinter decided to check out the hole. He jumped inside. Suddenly a landmine exploded. Antonio jumped out of the hole.
“They must all be booby-trapped,” Gotthelm concluded.
Antonio had a strange flicker of anger in his eye, a flicker that came from something dark. The group left Arontut quickly, and decided to go to Dnalkowe.
When the X-Wings landed on Dnalkowe, all that the group saw was marsh and swamp. Very quickly, a large net was thrown over the heads of Antonio, Tom, Spam, Fred, Ireak and Gotthelm. A primitive human whacked them unconscious and carried them deeper into the swamp.
Three hours later, they woke up to find themselves with hardly any clothes on and a large metal collar around each of their necks. All of their items and gear was taken away.
Two humans were speaking to each other in a strange unknown language. Not even Spam’s translator droid could translate it. The humans then shook hands with each other. One of the humans approached the group and in broken basic, he said, “Arena.” He gave each person in the group a large sword called a Welilissit Blade. “Win and you go.” Then he pointed to a path that lead to a grand swampland arena.
Two large humans, dressed in tribal paints, emerged from the other side of the swamp arena. They held Welilissit Blades as well.
Gotthelm decided to make an illusion disguising everyone in the group as shadows against the side arena wall. Antonio Skysprinter; however, was just outside of Gotthelm’s range. He was still visible.
Antonio had been learning to embrace the dark side of the force that Gotthelm had warned him about. Antonio had a revelation the previous day. If the light side of the force is better, than why is there no light side users running the galaxy? Antonio decided to unleash his anger to increase his power. He was tired of keeping secrets. He was ashamed of some of the things he had done. Gotthelm and Tom were going to be perfect Jedi; never blemished by this addictive dark side Antonio thought he could see the future. He thought he could see his friends turning on him in a swamp arena. When he found himself in a swamp arena, he knew that what he saw was true. He thought that still being visible instead of in the illusion was Gotthelm’s fault. He unleashed all of his anger, letting the dark side run through his veins. He outstretched his arms and let the dark side energy flow outwards towards everyone in the arena. He called it Force Lightning. “You think that you are better than me. You think that I’m the bad one here! You will learn. You will pay!”
The lightning struck everyone. One of the tribal warriors fell and fried in the electricity. The other crumbled on the ground, but still showed signs of life. All of the hairs of Spam’s body stood on end. Fred yelped in pain as he got shocked. Gotthelm went down on both knees as the electricity flowed through his body. Ireak fell to the ground as electricity flowed through his body. When the electricity hit Tom, Antonio’s brother, his skin boiled and blistered.
Antonio stood drained in the center of the arena. He felt drained of energy, and invigorated with the force at the same time. The lone tribal gladiator staggered to Antonio and swung his weapon at Antonio. Antonio jumped to the side using Force instincts.
Tom looked at his brother. Tom had also had a brush with the dark side, at one point during his short Jedi career. He knew that Antonio needed to be stopped before something even worse happened. He mustered all the energy he had into some Force Lightning of his own. This lightning was directed at only Antonio. Antonio’s body shriveled and blistered, as he screamed asking for redemption. Gotthelm charged the remaining gladiator and ended his life, then joined the circle surrounding Antonio. After half a minute, Antonio breathed his last breath.
Spam walked up to Antonio and took some of his teeth and Gotthelm took his Lightsaber. Tom dragged his brother’s body out of the arena. The town they were in was called Buxton. A tribal person approached Tom with a torch. Tom took the torch and lit Antonio’s body on fire.
An unknown voice, of an unknown origin said, “It is a sad day that Antonio Skysprinter, an aspiring Jedi, fell to the dark side and attacked his friends and perished. We pray to the spirits for him. Antonio Skysprinter, rest in peace."
After a quick, but solemn funeral, the group reclaimed their belongings and left the planet in their X-wings. They orbited the planet for half a day, resting in the cramped quarters of their X-wing, as they discussed which planet they wanted to go to next.
“Kyoh and Tarkinil are the last two planets,” Gotthelm said.
“I think we should go to Tarkinil,” Spam suggested. The group agreed with Spam’s decision.
The X-Wings disappeared into hyperspace and landed on Tarkinil without incident.
“This place is all open plains,” Tom said.
“If the Empire happened to come, there would be no cover at all,” Gotthelm decided.
“Let’s go outside and have a look,” Ireak said.
As Spam prepared to go outside, he saw a large cloud heading towards them. “Duststorm!” he shouted, “Back to the ships!” The group fastened their seat belts and left the planet, and headed towards the next planet of Kyoh.
The group arrived on planet and looked around. “There are lots of caves and places to hide in,” Fred said, pointing to the caves in the mountains.
A loud caw came from inside the cave. Three large Kyohinials came out of the cave and swooped down onto the group. Fred quickly swung out his light repeating blaster rifle and put three well place blaster bolts into one of the birds. The bird seemed to be hurting, but it showed no signs of giving up. Spam’s mini bowcaster made its shot go wide of the intended bird, but it hit another. “I meant to do that,” he shouted to the others. Ireak got frightened by the large birds and attempted to swim in the dirt to hide. Even in the midst of battle, everyone glanced at him to see what he was doing.
“What, you’ve never seen a bothan swim in dirt in the middle of a fight before?” Ireak asked, not expecting an answer.
Gotthelm’s T-415 nailed the third bird in the tail feathers. It lost some of its altitude but it seemed fine. Tom’s T-415 hit another bird with a similar effect. The Kyohinials then dived down on the group. Ireak was so afraid he stopped swimming and began to cower.
Upon seeing this cowardice, Spam shouted, “Hey look, the dog is a scaredy cat!” The laughs that came afterwards, quickly ended when the Kyohinials descended. The birds swooped on Ireak. One of the bird’s claws seemed to strike Ireak at just the right angle. Ireak’s arm began to bleed heavily.
Fred Dread took aim at one of the large avian predators. Two blaster bolts hit the Kyohinial and it fell to the ground, dead. Spam’s mini bowcaster sent another bird to the ground, but after impact, it flapped its wings and hovered once again. It was bleeding all over its body.
Tom picked up a stone and tossed it at the birds. “I figured I’d try to kill two birds with one stone.” As Tom was being a clown, Gotthelm shot one of the birds to death. Ireak triumphed over his fear, and stopped cowering. However with another glance at the ferocious bird, he tried to hide behind the rock. The bird was not fooled. The bird decided to try some new prey and dove toward Fred. He jumped out of the way at the last second, and watched the bird’s feathers fly by his face. Fred retaliated by sinking a few blaster bolts directly into the bird. The bird staggered and fell once a bolt from Spam’s mini bowcaster. Spam went to it to add part of its body to his collection.
The group quickly explores the area but realizes that time is of the essence and quickly reports back to Yavin IV before the Empire arrives. Totaw Hobat asks them, “So have you made a decision?”
Ireak said “I really liked Dnalkowe, except for the fact we were captured. I think we could make a base there.”
Fred began chanting, “Kyoh, Kyoh, Kyoh...”
Tom said, “I want to stay with Kyoh as well.”
Gotthelm and Spam agreed. “So it is,” Totaw said.
“We shall build a small, at least temporary base on Kyoh. It will take a week for the base to be completed enough for us to move there. Tom, why don’t you go to your home planet and mourn the loss of your brother with your family? Fred, you don’t look so good. I believe you may have gotten the Courscanti Influenza, you should rest here as the doctors take a look at you. As for the rest of you, there are a few problems on Kyoh you should check out before we start building there.”

This adventure was played in November of 2005. See the Campaign History for more details.

Antonio Skysprinter the Human
Antonio was born with the gift of the Force, and had followed the side of the light for most of his life. However, his majestic power crumbled in the Dnalkowe Arena. It is there that he succumed to the dark side and attacked his brother and friend.
May he rest in peace, and become one with the force.
Antonio Skysprinter, Human Jedi Guardian (Antonio)


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