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January 27, 2006

Planetary Postcard: Marpol

Visit far away planets in the Star Wars Roleplaying Resources exclusive feature, Planetary Postcard! As you explore the galaxy in this feature, remember, wish you were here!


Planet Type: Terrestrial
Climate: Temperate
Terrain: Oceanic, Mountainous Islands
Atmosphere: Breathable
Gravity: 0.97 (Standard)
Diameter: 6372 km
Length of Day: 20 standard hours
Length of Year: 116 local days
Sentient Species: Human
Languages: Basic
Population: 7,499,932
Species Mix: Human 99.9%
Government: Locally based on each island
Major Exports: None
Major Imports: None
System/Star Name: Huáng
New Huáng Dí­.....Terrestrial.............0
Huáng Dí­..............Terrestrial.............0

Region: Unknown Space


Marpol is the first planet in the Huáng Dí­ system. The planet is mostly an ocean, dotted with thousands of mountainous islands. From space, it seems to be a large blue marble. The planet has never been touched by any other civilization. Living in isolation, for its entire planetary life.


Marpol is the only planet in the Huáng Dí­ system, not to be influenced by the Huáng Dí­ Empire. The planet once thrived, and the population continued to grow. Eventually the population was so crowded, and the farms could only produce so much. Suddenly, like a flash of lightning, a mysterious plague struck the planet. It originated on a small island with only a few hundred inhabitants. Those few inhabitants quickly spread the disease as they traveled to the neighboring islands to trade. Almost four out of every five people on the planet died from the plague. After the plague, a new religion rose from the remnants of the population. They began to worship a multitude of gods, polytheism. The planet is now struggling to be the community it once was.

The islands of the planet are knit in a global community. The planet has never had a central government, although each island has its own local one. The planet is technologically advanced. They haven't reached a space age yet, however primitive space flights could occur in the next twenty years. Their technology is not even close to par with the rest of the galaxy. The personal computers have some of the processing capability of the bottom of the line datapads.

New Sub-species
The humans of Marpol are genetically and physically the same as humans throughout the galaxy. However, the humans of Marpol get certain bonuses due to their upbringing
  • Consitution +2: Marpol humans who have survived the great plague, have stronger immune systems, and are usually tougher than other humans.
  • +2 Species Bonus to Swim, and Pilot when piloting oceanic vessels.

This postcard from Marpol isn't the only one coming from the Huáng Dí­ system. Keep coming back to Star Wars Roleplaying Resources to see more of this system, and the powerful Huáng Dí­ Empire!


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