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January 12, 2006

Fuel at Heriston

Fuel at Heriston

The group is on Yavin IV. The Death Star has recently been destroyed and the Rebels are looking for a new planet. However, the Rebellion knows that the Imperials will not return right away. Totaw Hobat, an Ithorian General approaches the heroes. “The Imperials have recently completed construction of a refueling and repair station at Heriston. This station has reduced the downtime for a large portion of the Imperial fleet significantly. Every ship they keep in service increases their chance of finding our location. We need to put that station out of commission. It is heavily protected by defense platforms, starfighter wings, and system patrol craft. We don’t have the resources to launch the major attack that would be needed. Instead, we would like to send a small strike team onboard, to destroy the station from its power core. We have put some falsified transponder codes on your ship, The Corvette. Also onboard your ship is some very powerful demolition devices and a datacard showing the schematics of the station. I wish you luck, and be quick, we still need to relocate."
They quickly went to their ship and punched in the hyperspace coordinates. Before they knew it, they were docked on the station. Many Imperial ships were docked in the docking area. Thankfully, with the transponder code, the Corvette appeared to be one of them.

They passed through the door nearest to them. It lead to a room with many other doors. Using the schematics on their datapad, they decide to head towards the turbolift. When they pass through the door leading to the turbolift, they find five stormtroopers looking at them. Gotthelm took out his T-416 and fired at a stormtrooper. The shot nailed the stormtrooper and he fell to the ground, clutching at a hole in his armor. Tom also took out his T-416 and aimed at another stormtrooper. After a second, he fired and the stormtrooper fell, a testament to Tom’s accuracy. Spam, the ewok, took aim with his mini-bowcaster. The shot hit a stormtrooper. The stormtrooper yelled in pain, but stood. Ireak Tal’ra took aim with his two blaster pistols. Both shots nailed the hurting stormtrooper, and the stormtrooper fell to the ground. Fred Dread took aim with his weapon as well. The shot hit another stormtrooper in the chest, causing the stormtrooper to fly backwards and hit a wall. The only remaining stormtrooper took a wild shot towards the group. The shot wildly missed. Spam quickly fired again, but his shot went wide. A blaster bolt from both of Ireak’s blasters hit the stormtrooper, sending him tumbling. The stormtrooper still had life in him, as he fired his blaster rifle at the group, once again missing. Fred fires a single bolt into the stormtroopers helmet, knocking it off of the stormtroopers head, revealing the dead stormtrooper underneath.

As the last stormtrooper fell, the group jumped in and took the stormtrooper’s armor and blaster rifles. They then put the armor on, with the goal of a stormtrooper disguise. However, after discovering that Gotthelm’s head didn’t fit into the helmet very well, they dumped the disguise idea. Spam didn’t bother putting the armor on; he knew that a creature of his size would never pass as a stormtrooper, regardless of how much armor he wore. The group walked into turbolift. The lift went up, and the group exited to the second floor.

The turbolift opened to reveal a dark hallway. Some of the lights in the ceiling flickered on and off. The lonely hallway got to Tom, and he began to whistle. Fred whacked him on the head. Spam began to speak in Ewokese. Ireak asked his translator droid, “What is he saying?”
The droid said, “It doesn’t quite translate out of his language. He is saying, ‘Put that toothbrush away Cameron. You don’t even know the meaning of hygienic’”
The rest of the group looked puzzled at the droid and then ignored Spam.
The group approached the only door in the hallway. Gotthelm looked about and then asked Fred, “Do you want the honors?” Fred nodded and stepped forward to open the door. When the door opened a loud bell began to ring.
Tom asked, “What is that?”
Ireak glanced at the many tables in the room. Suddenly stormtroopers and TIE fighter pilots rushed into the room. He began to pull his blaster pistols out of their holsters. Fred stopped him. “No,” he said. “Look, they are all sitting down at the table. It must have been a mess call. They aren’t even paying attention to us. ”
The group slowly walked over to a door on the far wall. Gotthelm stepped up the door and tried to disable the lock on the door. After a minute of struggling with the door, Gotthelm gave up. “Get out of here,” Ireak said, pushing Gotthelm out of the way, and taking Gotthelm’s place at the door, and succeeded in opening the door. The door opened to reveal many large tanks of fuel.
Another security door blocked their progress. “Maybe I can redeem myself,” Gotthelm said, stepping to the door, and quickly getting the door open. After opening the door he looked at his datapad. “This is the staircase that we need to take.”

Each member of the group walked up the staircase and arrived at another security door. Ireak disabled the door lock and they stepped through the doorway. The door opening surprised the 3 guards and the stormtrooper in the room. They turned around, startled to see the group in the doorway. Spam snapped his mini-bowcaster into position and shot a bolt at the stormtrooper. The stormtrooper crumpled to the ground. Tom shot a large bolt into the stomach of one of the guards. The guard’s stomach spilled out onto the floor. Gotthelm shot with his T-416. The shot was a direct hit to the head, disfiguring the guard, and killing him instantly. Ireak’s two blaster pistols both hit their mark, making yet another guard fall to the ground. Spam quickly ran to the stormtrooper that he killed. He kicked some of the teeth out of the body and added them to his teeth collection. Tom and Fred ripped a patch off the uniform of a guard.
Gotthelm opened up the door leading to the Fission Power Core. Gotthelm, Ireak, and Spam each set up one of the explosive devices. A few seconds after the bombs were set, a loud alarm began to ring. “Intruder Alert. Intruder Alert. Code Light-Violet. Intruder alert.” A feminine voice stated the problem to the station.
The group quickly ran back down the staircase and into the mess hall. With the alarm sounding, the stormtroopers in the mess hall were alerted to the group. Blaster bolts rained down on the group. Most of the shots missed by a lot, but some of the bolts barely missed, or skimmed the body. No one was actually hit directly. They rushed out of the station as quick as possible. They quickly jumped up on to the ship. “Hurry up Spam, we gotta get out of here,” Tom shouted from the boarding ramp. Spam ran as fast as he could on his little legs. Blaster bolts starting coming from the entrance of the docking bay. He ran onto the Corvette. Tom brought the ship out of the station and into space. They looked back at the station.
“I really hope that those quick-set bombs will destroy the station." Spam said. Suddenly the station violently shook. The station split in two and one piece accelerated towards the planet. The other piece caught on fire.
“Well, It’s safe to say that the station is destroyed,” Ireak said.
“True,” Fred said, “But it would have been nice to destroy that Star Destroyer that was docked with the station.”
“Speaking of the Star Destroyer, we should probably get out of here before it blasts us like the station,” Tom said as he pushed the hyperspace lever forwards.

This adventure was played in November of 2005. To see the other adventures, see the Campaign History.


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