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January 10, 2006

From the Pantry: Some Seasonings

From the Pantry, an exclusive Star Wars Roleplaying Resources feature is here! Let the food and drink expert show you how to spice up parties or cantinas with exotic, interesting, and different food and drinks from around the galaxy.

From the Pantry is introducing a new category of foods this week: Seasonings!

Yyegar Sugar

Yyegar Sugar (Seasoning)
Cost: 3 credits (20 servings)
Profession DC: N/a
Game Rules: For each serving of Yyegar Sugar added to food, add the following game rule to the food consumed: Sugar effects: for one hour times the number of sugar effect drinks or foods consumed add +1 to all STR based skills and -1 to all DEX based skills.
Time: N/a

Yyegar Sugar is considered on of the best sugars avaliable. It was most widely used in the Old Republic, but is still avalible afterwards.

Insanity Hot Sauce

Insanity Hot Sauce (Seasoning)
Cost: 5 credits (15 servings)
Profession DC: N/a
Game Rules: For each serving of Insanity Hot Sauce used, the character must make a Fortitude save at DC 15. If the character passes the Fortitude save, then the character loses 1d6 vitality points. If the character fails the save, then X = every point that the character fails the Fortitude Check by. The character cannot make any rolls for X rounds, as the character is flailing about, trying to ease his, her, or its taste buds. The character is also dealt Xd6 points of vitality damage. If the character's vitality points is reduced to zero, than he or she falls unconcious for X rounds.

Insanity Hot Sauce is some hot and serious stuff. This is the type of sauce that is so hot, it makes people cry. It is the king of all hot sauce. Inspired by Dave's Insanity Sauce.


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