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January 09, 2006

Campaign Summary

If you have been following this blog, you have noticed that I've been placing campaign Updates on the site, slowly leading up to the adventures most recently done. This takes a very long time and there is a quite a few adventures that I don't have notes for.

The following brief summary covers "Meeting an Informant" all the way to "The Battle of Yavin."

Meeting an Informant

After Consulate Tulon escaped, the Besbrilldra cell had to regroup. Tom Skysprinter needed bacta treatments so he returned to Besbrilldra, and Spam had a family tragedy and returned to his homeworld.
Gotthelm, Antonio Skysprinter, and Ireak Tal'ra continued on and went to Fronist in search of an informant who contacted them. The informant had information on Tulon's whereabouts but he also needed to give away a droid head. This droid head was giving him problems with the locals. While inside the cantina, a bar fight started. The group left the cantina unharmed, with all the information they needed.

Memorable Quotes
"So, how 'bout them Celtics?" -Antonio Skysprinter. During the bar fight, Antonio sought to gain the advantage by confusing his opponents.

Sabacc and Panthers

Tom and Spam return and go to Fronist to meet the rest of the group. After they meet up with the rest of the group the Empire closes the spaceport to try to catch a local criminal. The group is looking for some money, so they find a game of sabacc and end up winning a ship. When go to check out the ship, a Corellian Sand Panther attacks them. They realize it is a trap, but the doors are locked. They kill the panther and Spam adds its teeth to his collection. When they finally exit the ship they forget revenge and decide just to leave the planet as fast as possible.

A Steal of a Deal

As the group leaves the ship they had won, they go to find their own ship, the Corvette. As they approach their ship, a Twi'lek offers to buy it for a lot more than it is worth. Although negotiations seemed to be going well, in the end, the Twi'lek pulled a blaster and the group was attacked. They finally go to their ship and find a Quarren on board, trying to hijack the ship. They remove her from the ship and leave the planet behind them.

Demons in the Dark

The group leaves their ship on Trevura and takes public transport to Trevura Minor. They think they will be able to blend in better. The ship is hit by a comet and they are stranded on a long lost planet with dangerous creatures. It takes many weeks to escape the planet, but they manage to repair a ship from an extinct mining colony to escape.

capturing Consulate Tulon

After coming back to civilization they learn from their informant that Consulate Tulon is hiding in a nearby asteroid field. The Consulate had been running a pirate organization from the base and was no using it to hide. They landed on the base and shot his ship into very small fragments.

Detour to Tatooine

After finally resolving the problem in the Trevura system the group returned to Besbrilldra to report back. They found the building they had used destroyed. Using clues found at the scene, they found a datacard telling them to go to Tatooine. They went to Tatooine for a week and were later approached by a comedian, Goreon Huylil. He told them that they would soon be working on a more galactic scale and helped them get into disguises so they could get off planet. They met with an Ithorian named Totaw Hobat, as well as reuniting with Yoko and Renci Tosh.

X-Wing Training

Gotthelm, Tom, Antonio, Ireak, and Spam, were each given an X-Wing and practiced for many hours in the simulator.

The Battle of Yavin

The group battled TIE fighters over the death star and Yavin IV. They met Fred, a ground soldier forced into a cockpit when the death star loomed. Fred's entire squadron was wiped out so he joined in with the rest of the group.

Many of these adventures were all pre-made and came from a time when all of us where still learning the game. I somewhat strung all these premade adventures into a storyline but from this point on, all adventures had a meaning and purpose to them.


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    It's Jose. I didn't want to devote a whole post to it today so I'm just leaving a comment, but, Welcome. Over the weekend I have spent some time trying to get this site some exposure. In the last week 44 first time viewers came to the site. That is quite an accomplishment, About 75% of the viewers to the site were first time viewers, so to all of you who have just joined us, welcome.

    Also, there was some problem with the comment function, if you didn't notice by reading this, it is now fixed. So comment away.

    Sneak preview on tomorrow: Seasonings, in a From the Pantry exclusive.

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  • I am going to comment away as ordered. I see you sort of skimmed through many months of playing, which is okay, but two things need to be fixed.

    Not enough information was given in the White Door bar fight adventure. While Antonio was talking about "them Celtics," I was throwing stuffed fish and bookcases with the force at a group of thugs and a group of soldiers. Mike ran out out of the bar (with unknown intentions at the time), grabbed a thermal detonator and without warning, tossed it into the bar, finishing the fight.

    Second, you stated that no revenge was taken against the Twilek. This is completely the opposite of what happened. We looked for and eventually found the guy and cut off his/her horn things.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1/09/2006 11:10 PM  

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