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December 29, 2005

Trevuran Testing

Trevuran Testing

Spam and Gotthelm had looked forward to the day when they could once again meet Renci Tosh. They had finally left Ord Mantell and were now headed to the planet that Renci would meet them at. Renci had said that she would set them up in the rebellion. Most non-humans were eager to join the rebellion, hoping for more rights. Spam and Gotthelm were no different. The ship they were on landed on Besbrilldra wihtout any setbacks. They hopped into a hovercab and went to the Drowsy Drall Cantina.
As they stepped out of the hovercab, Renci Tosh ran up to Spam and rubbed his furry head, and shook Gotthelm's hand. She then turned and said, "This is Fannin, Ireak, and Antonio," Acknowledging the Zabrak, Bothan, and Human. "Follow me." Renci walked to a hovercab and beckoned the team to go inside. Five minutes later they arrived at a small house.
A man welcomed them in. "Welcome to our cell. I am Yoko Tosh. Renci considers you loyal and we have given you a mission. We need you to escort this astromech droid to Trevura, where it will confer with the rebel cell there. By the way, you'll need a ship." He reached into his pockets and grabbed a set of keys. "Here are the keys to the Corvette. I'm sure you'll find that she suits your needs quite well."
It didn't take long for the group to reach Trevura. When they arrived, they were still wondering why they were sent to this planet. As they walked about the streets following the droid, they were approached by a pair of stormtroopers. "There are rogue droids among us. May we search your droid?"
"We just arrived on planet. This is not the droid you're looking for," Gotthelm said to the stormtroopers.
"We must search your droid," The stormtroopers repeated. They switched a dial on their blaster rifle and aimed at the droid.
Antonio Skysprinter whipped his heavy blaster pistol from its holdster and quickly fired at one of the stormtroopers, hitting one in the center of its chest. Spam followed suit with his blaster pistol, but the shot seemed to bounce of the armor. Gotthelm drew his lightsaber and ignited it, swinging with all of his power at one of the stormtroopers. The stormtrooper ducked, but Gotthelm got him on the backswing. Ireak Tal'ra pulled out his two blaster pistols and shot them at the final stormtrooper. "It looks like diplomacy wins again," He said, rolling his eyes.
Gotthelm was intrigued by the stormtroopers weapon. It seemed to have an extra function on it besides the normal "stun" and "kill." He said, "Hey, look at this." Gotthelm showed the group the mysterious "Inhibit" setting. Fannin picked up the other rifle and handed it to Antonio.
Suddenly, a blue tinted 3PO droid approached the group. It spoke to Ireak in Bothese. "Pardon my intrusion, sirs. I am T-3PO, a translator droid. My master couldn't help but notice that you have aquired some quite unusual firearms. He has asked me to transport you to our location where he can purchase them from you." Ireak translated the message to the rest of the group and then nodded in agreement.
They followed the droid to a run down garage. An ASP labor droid said, "I heard that you have run into a few interesting possessions. I collect guns and wish to add the interesting guns you have to my collection."
"What do you want the guns for?" Spam asked, with a Basic translation provided by his MTD droid.
"As I said I am a collector. I currently have those guns in my crosshairs of desire. I am an assassin working for the Droid Resistance here on the planet. I will only be here for a few more days and want to make the purchase now." The Labor droid then introduced himself has Essar, and pulled 600 credits from a cavity in his chest. "Now, would you like to sell those guns or..."
Essar was interupted by a large explosion. The door to the garage blew off its hinges and half a dozen stormtroopers filed into the building. Essar produced some stun grenades from inside another chest cavity and began hurling them at the stormtroopers. Spam drew his blaster pistol and nailed a stormtrooper in the helmet. In a matter of seconds all the stormtroopers were knocked out by blaster fire or the stun grenades. Essar once again popped the question, "More stormtroopers will be here soon. Here is the credits. Please let me have the guns."
Fannin grabbed the guns and gave them to Essar. Essar tossed the credits to Fannin and then the group departed to follow the astromech once more. The droid reached the rebel cell and information was poured into its databanks. The group quickly headed to the spaceport to leave.
Before they left, Fannin went to use the 'fresher in the spaceport. While sitting in the 'fresher, one of his thermal detonators exploded. To this day it is still unknown if Fannin commited suicide or if he was just playing with a thermal detonator and he accidently set it. An eyewitness said that he heard someone shout. 'This just isn't fun anymore,' but it is an unconfirmed report. The group quickly mourned his loss and set out to space on their transport, the Corvette.

Fannin the Zabrak
Fannin took on the life of a soldier. Ready to fight for the rebellion. Unfortunatly a thermal detonator explosion blocked his path to glory. May he rest in peace and become one with the force.
Fannin, Zabrak Soldier (Oliver)

Trevuran Testing is the second adventure in our campaign. It was played in May of 2004. To see the other adventures, please visit the Campaign History section of this site.

A small apology for not updating the site this week. With the holidays and an overwhelming amount of school projects. It has been hard to commit time to post something. I will try to post some other stuff before the end of the week, but we will be back on schedule for 2006!

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