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December 19, 2005

Rendezvous at Ord Mantell

Rendevous at Ord Mantell

Spam was an ewok. The galaxy didn't yet know of his species existence, but he existed. One day a spice smuggler had landed on the forest moon of Endor. Spam was fascinated by the ship and crawled on board. The smuggler landed on Ord Mantell and Spam had lived on planet ever since.
Gotthelm was searching. He enjoyed history when he lived on Mon Calamari and remembered stories that the elders told of Jedi. Gotthelm had strange sensations and thought that he might be a Jedi. One night, in a dream, a Jedi came to him and told him to travel to Ord Mantell.

Spam and Gotthelm were sitting next to each other at Qexi's, the local cantina. They were beginning to get acquainted. Gotthelm was interested of the little unknown creature and Spam always enjoyed company. There was a mixture of species in the bar that day. However it was a human who attracted the attention of Spam and Gotthelm. She was wearing ruined expensive clothes. The woman was interested in the little teddy bear of a creature as well and sat next to Gotthelm and Spam.
"Interested in helping out a girl in trouble?" she asked them with a smile.
Spam and Gotthelm were intrigued by the girl. Spam was anxious to do anything and Gotthelm was taught good manners, so they agreed to help her.
"Why not," Gotthelm told her.
"I am a new visitor to this world, and I seem to have fallen afoul to the local crime element. I could use some help getting back to my ship. I can't pay you anything right now -- I have no credits on me -- but I can promise a reward when we get to my ship."
Although Gotthelm was on planet searching for a Jedi, the smell of credits was even stronger.
"If you're interested, we need to get started right away. Can you help me?"
"Of course we'd help," Spam said throughout his translator droid.
"I need to get to my Z-95 headhunter. It's a few days away."
Suddenly, two humans grabbed the woman and started to drag her outside. She screamed.
Gotthelm drew a blaster pistol and took a shot at one of the humans. The human fell clutching his arm. The other human, dropped the woman and ran off.
"Thank you. Those are the guys who are after me. Let's get out of here."
They walked for three days through the wilderness. The woman had told Spam and Gotthelm that her name was Renci Tosh. They ran into many setbacks. A Mantellian Savrip decided to make Spam its meal one night. Fortunately they were saved by the gun of a Savrip hunter. Even a bounty hunter happened upon the group, and tried to capture them. After a long hike, they came to the clearing where Renci claimed to crash her starfighter. There was a small crater proving her story, but the ship was gone. "Would you believe it was here before I ran into you?" Spam had spent a lot of time in the woods and found a set of animal tracks leading away from the crash site. They again spent a day following the tracks through the woods.
After a day of walking, they emerged in front of a mesa. Spam's great eyes say a stairs wrapping their way up the mesa. The group followed him. Halfway up the stars, they were ambushed by two humans. Gotthelm shot one with a blaster pistol a few times. Spam used a spear to stab the second.
Once they reached the top of the stairs, they saw the starfighter. Unfortunately, some raiders on the top of the mesa saw them. The group easily dispatched them as well. It only took a few minutes to repair the starfighter, but the repair work was interrupted by the arrival of Yarroq. Yarroq was a large Trandoshan who used the mesa as his hideout. He was accompanied by two human raiders. Yarroq immediately pulled out his heavy blaster pistol and began firing at the group. Renci, Spam, and Gotthelm fought bravely and took Yarroq and his henchmen down.

The starfighter was eventually repaired. "Well, here is your payment," Renci said with a sigh. "You've handled yourselves pretty well in the last few days. I must admit, I wasn't completely honest with you. In addition to being an explorer, I also occasionally recruit help for some of my friends who are looking for some new recruits. Have either of you heard of the Rebellion?"
Gotthelm's eyes widened at the mentioning of the Rebellion. Spam had a confused look on his face. Obviously, something had gotten lost in translation.
Renci continued, "We're still fairly secretive and quiet, but we're growing in size everyday. If your interested, I can introduce you to some powerful people in my cell. Just swing by Besbrilldra sometime. I'd like to see you again." Renci Tosh jumped into the cockpit and prepared to take off. Just before leaving, she gave Gotthelm and Spam a wink and smile.
After she took off a man approached Gotthelm. The man said, "You must be Gotthelm. I'm Cliff Daley, the Jedi you are looking for. If you are looking to be a Jedi, you must carry a lightsaber." Cliff tossed a lightsaber to Gotthelm. As soon as Gotthelm ignited the lightsaber, Cliff clutched his chest. There was a shimmer from another cliff. Snipers. "Trust the actions in your heart, and you'll be fine. Go on, you must live to see tomorrow. The galaxy is counting on you."

Rendevous at Ord Mantell is the first mission in our campaign. Click here to visit the campaign home page, which will feature similar write ups to all missions.

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  • Not bad, missing some information about Spam picking fights with ugly people and Gotthelm getting him out of them. And Spam collected his first tooth as well. you should do these more often.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12/20/2005 10:44 PM  

  • That's right. Spam did collect a Mantellian Savrip tooth during this adventure. I'm surprised I left it out. In future adventures (now that i record them) you'll be able to see all that importnat stuff.

    By Blogger Jose Skysprinter, at 1/08/2006 9:28 PM  

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