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December 17, 2005

Mon Calamari Poseidon II-Class Cruiser

Although the original Poseidon Cruiser was a flop to most of the galaxy. Gotthelm liked the design, but saw room for improvement. He hired Mon Calamari shipyards to produce the Poseidon II for him. The main attraction of the Poseidon II is the Super Fission Cannon. The Super Fission Cannon is a normal turbolaser...for a space station. The Super Fission Cannon was slightly modified to fit on a capital ship. It also features more guns than the original Poseidon as well as better ion engines and shield generators. The missile launchers were also dropped from the design.

Mon Calamari Poseidon II-Class Cruiser: Craft: Mon Calamari Poseidon II Class Cruiser; Class: Capital; Cost 12.56 million credits; Size: Huge (454m); Crew: 65 (Normal +2); Passengers 1500; Cargo Capacity: 5000mt; Consumables: 3 months; Hyperdrive: 2x, Backup Hyperdrive x12; Maximum Speed: Attack; Defense: 18 (-2 size, +10 armor); Shield Points/Hull Points: 200/600; DR: 40. Initiative: +0 (-2 size, +2 crew); Maneuver: +0 (-2 size, +2 crew).
Weapon: Super Fission Cannon (1); Fire Arc: Front; Attack Bonus: +2 (-2 Size, +4 Fire Control) Damage: 5d10x10; Range Modifiers: PB -6, S -4, M -2, L -0.
Weapon: Turbolaser (25); Fire Arc: 2 Batteries Front, 1Battery Left, 1 Battery Right, 1 Battery Rear; Attack Bonus: +6 (-2 Size, +4 Fire Bonus, +4 Battery Fire) Damage: 7d10x5; Range Modifiers: PB +0, S +0, M +0, L +0.

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