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December 10, 2005

Mon Calamari Laser Bubble

The Mon Calamari Laser Bubble was originally designed to serve as a planetary defense station. It could hold little but pack a big punch. There wasn't much of a market for the ships as many planets prefered more traditional ships than a large sphere with lots of guns.

Mon Calamari Laser Bubble: Craft: Mon Calamari Turbolaser Bubble; Class: Capital; Cost 61.48 million credits; Size: Colossal (2500m); Crew: 1001 (Skilled +4); Passengers 400; Cargo Capacity: 200mt; Consumables: 3 months; Hyperdrive: 2x, Backup Hyperdrive x12; Maximum Speed: Cruising; Defense: 12 (-8 size, +10 armor); Shield Points/Hull Points: 550/1000; DR: 60. Initiative: -4 (-8 size, +4 crew); Maneuver: -4 (-8 size, +4 crew).
Weapon: Turbolaser (90); Fire Arc: 6 batteries front, 3 batteries right, 3 batteries left, 6 batteries rear; Attack Bonus +4 (-8 size, +4 crew, +4 fire control, +4 battery fire); Damage: 7d10x5; Range Modifiers PB +0, S +0, M +0, L +0.

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