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December 20, 2005

From the Pantry: Stuffed Koba

From the Pantry, an exclusive Star Wars Roleplaying Resources feature is here! Let the food and drink expert show you how to spice up parties or cantinas with exotic, interesting, and different food and drinks from around the galaxy.

Stuffed Koba

Stuffed Koba (Food)
Cost: 4 credits
Profession (Cook) DC: DC 12
Game Rules: Brain food: Make a Constitution check at DC 12, if the roll is passed add 1 brain food point to the charachter who consumed the item. A character may only earn 1 brain food point a day. A charachter may trade in 75 brain food points to add 1 to either the charachter's Intelligence or Wisdom.
Time: Stuffed Koba takes 10 minutes to prepare and 20 minutes to cook.

Stuffed Koba is a light orange, cylindrical fish product. It is served throughout the galaxy and is popular as well.


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