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December 07, 2005

From the Pantry: Profession Skill Revised

From the Pantry, an exclusive Star Wars Roleplaying Resources feature is here! Let the food and drink expert show you how to spice up parties or cantinas with exotic, interesting, and different food and drinks from around the galaxy.

The items in the feature "From the Pantry," give the Profession skill a new use. This new use contradicts common thought since most people don't have to be a cook, in order to be a trained cook in order to prepare simple meals.

Profession (Cook or Bartender) (Wis)
Trained and/or Untrained

For the trained description of this skill, see page 96 of the Revised Core Rulebook.

You are able to prepare food or mix drinks.
Check: You can make a skill check at the stated difficulty for the food you are cooking or the drink you are preparing.
Retry: You cannot retry the roll if you have failed as the food or drink is spoiled. You must try again on a new sample of food or with another set of drinks.
Special: Only those who are trained in this skill make take 10 when making a Profession check, but you can't take 20.
Time: Profession (Bartender) checks take only a minute, but Profession (Cook) checks vary depending on the food.
Cost: Using the Profession (Bartender) or Profession (Cook) Skill for this usage costs 1/2 of the price stated on the desired drink or food.


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