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December 31, 2005

A Damsel in Distress

A Damsel in Distress

Antonio Skysprinter, Gotthelm, Spam, and Ireak Tal'ra were flying away from Trevura in their ship, The Corvette. Suddenly, the saw a message coming through to their ship.
"How did you guys do?" Yoko Tosh asked them.
"We ran into some problems," Spam began.
"Yeah, there were stormtroopers with weird rifles, and then there was Fannin..." Gotthelm continued. Gotthelm then continued to tell the story of Fannin's demise.
"Well, get the astromech over here to send us the information." Yoko commanded. The astromech unit wheeled over to a computer station and hooked up.
Another incoming message came up,
"Attention all Rebel Ships in the Trevura, Bilbringi, or other nearby Inner Rim systems. We need a ship to go to the Tiro Asteroid Field to recover a ship or salvage one there. There is vital information on board."
"This is the Kicking Calamari, we're not risking our ship in an asteroid field."
"This is the Mynock Sun, a bunch of TIE fighters have our attention at the moment."
Gotthelm's finger closed in on the "talk" button on the dashboard. "This is Gotthelm with The Corvette. We are only an hour away in hyperspace. We'll be there."
"Very well. Thank you Corvette."
After quickly calculating the jump, Antonio brought the ship into hyperspace.

Supposedly, an Alliance frigate was going to stage an attack on a star destroyer to provide a distraction. The hyperspace alarm began to sound and the star lines of hyperspace disappeared. Ireak Tal'ra took a seat at the sensor station, scanning the area. The bothan was concentrating on the viewscreen.
"I've got something!" The Bothan exclaimed. "There is a low frequency distress signal coming from over there," He said as he pointed in a direction.
Antonio piloted the ship towards the signal. The signal lead them to an asteroid with a deep narrow cave. The lights from the ship lit up the ship they were searching for.
"The Stellar Damsel," Ireak said, "It looks like if we are going to rescue a damsel in distress." Everyone except Spam laughed. "Apparently it doesn't translate into whatever language the little animal speaks then." Although Spam may not have gotten the joke, he understood the second sentence perfectly and scraped Ireak's leg with a nearby spear.
"Stop it guys, we need to rescue the 'damsel in distress,' remember?" The Mon Calamari said. He began to open his mouth to say something else but he was interrupted by a shaking of the ship. They all looked outside to see what was going on. A flock of shadowy beings swarmed the outside of the ship. "Mynocks," Antonio said. Spam quickly ran to one of the laser cannons and shot a few shots. Many of the mynocks disintegrated, but a few remained and attached themselves to the ship.
Gotthelm walked over to the food preparation station and got four straws.
"Who ever draws the short straw goes outside." Each took their straw and then measured. They found that the smallest of the group, Spam, had received the smallest straw. Spam crawled into a spacesuit and went outside with a blaster pistol. He blew up the two mynocks and then floated over to the other ship and entered through the airlock.
Spam came into contact with the rest of his group with a comlink.
"Their docking port is damaged. They need to transfer by coming in with spacesuits into our airlock." The first group is already on their way over. I'll come back to get the spacesuits and bring them to the last group."
The second half of the crew had finished putting on their suits when the ship rocked again.
"Spacetroopers," Antonio said to all on board The Corvette and on the comlink. Spam hurried the remaining crew members to The Corvette. Gotthelm took to the firing the ship's weapons. The laser cannon of the ship overwhelmed two of the spacetroopers. One managed to land on the ship and another was just hovering in space, firing at the ship. Once Spam had gotten all of the Damsel's crew members on board, Antonio fired the engines. He rammed the ship into the hovering spacetrooper, and carefully maneuvered the ship to scrape the spacetrooper who was on the ship, off. This maneuver was costly and scraped the top of the ship so hard, everyone on board thought they would die. "We're gonna need a new paint job," Antonio said.
"The asteroid is coming apart! Make this ship go faster!" The Bothan proclaimed.
As the ship exited the asteroid, they noticed a small group of TIE fighters approaching. Ireak and Spam began to calculate the hyperspace coordinates, Antonio continued to out maneuver the approaching ships, and Gotthelm ran to the laser cannon turret on the top of the ship. He began to fire, but noticed it wasn't firing.
"Antonio, you scraped the weapons when you got rid of the Spacetrooper!" He yelled.
Antonio continued to pilot the ship and was anxiously awaiting the completion of the hyperspace coordinates. The ship was taking a constant beating of laser hits. Finally, Ireak ran to the hyperspace computer with the coordinates and began to type them in.
"Faster Ireak, faster. A few more hits and we will be back into the stars in which we came from," Antonio said.
"Done! Hit it!" Ireak said.
Antonio Skysprinter pushed the hyperspace lever forwards. The ship jumped into hyperspace.

After a few hours in hyperspace the ship emerged in Besbrilldra. The group escorted the crew of the Stellar Damsel to their cell location, Yoko Tosh's house. The group rested a few days, while the captain of the Damsel and Yoko exchanged information. Soon the crew was picked up from the planet and Yoko was prepared to deliver them some news that would lead to yet another mission.

A Damsel in Distress was the third adventure in our campaign. It was played in May of 2004. To see the other adventures, please visit our Campaign History.


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