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November 10, 2005

The Huiijyi: The Red-Skinned Race of Kyoh

The Huiijyi are the native species that call Kyoh their home. The Huiijyi have lived on planet for at least 3000 years. It is believed that the Huiijyi originated in the mountain region of the planet. They adapted a reddish skin to help hide in the mountains, a useful way to stop the attacks of the avian predator, the Kyohinial. It seems due to fear of the Kyohinials and some overpopulation in the mountains that the Huiijyi also live in the forest regions.

Personality: The Huiijyi are a mostly non-adventurous race. They dislike change in general and would like to stay close to home. Some have given up this fear and left for one of the pirate gangs to see the galaxy.
Physical Description: The Huiijyi are a humanoid species. They have 4 fingers on each hand, have a reddish hue to their skin, and stand about 1.6 meters tall
Homeworld: Kyoh
Language: Basic
Age in Years: Child 1-11; young adult 12-14; adult 15-34; middle age 35-49; old 50-59; venerable 60+
Example Names: Hutig, Kureg, Wuceg, Vukeg, Buneg
Adventurers: The Huiijyi that do leave home for adventure would seek a fast tempo, high risk class. They often begin as Fringers, and then become Scoundrels or Scouts.
Huiijyi Species Traits
+2 Strength, +2 Constitution, -2 Wisdom: Huiijyi are physically strong and built that way, but not very wise.
· Medium-Size: As medium size creatures Huiijyi have no special bonuses or penalties
· Huiijyi base speed is 10m.
· +2 Climb: Huiijyi grow up and have adapted to climbing either the mountains or the trees.
· +2 Hide checks when in mountain environments: The Huiijyi have reddish skin, allowing them to hide in the mountains easier.
· Automatic Languages: Speak and Read/Write Basic.


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